what to teach after alphabet

What to teach after alphabet?

Have you at any point felt adhered to what to show your kid after the letters in order? Your kid knows the letters and sounds, yet what comes straightaway? How would they go from the ABCs to reading? I get posed this inquiry as often as possible. So today, I’ll answer What to teach after the alphabet by sharing 5 things to instruct after your kid knows the letter set.

1. Capitalized and Lowercase Letters

Does your kid know there are capitalized AND lowercase letters? If not, invest energy helping the kid perceive the distinctions. You can likewise take a gander at your kid’s name and clarify how the principal letter is promoted, yet the remainder of the letters are lowercase. Experience books and point out capital letters. They may begin to get on that capital letters are the primary letter of each sentence. Messing around to coordinate the capitalized letter to the lowercase letter is a pleasant method to rehearse this.

2. Vowels

Something to be thankful for to take a shot at is recognizing the short and long hints of every vowel. It can get befuddling to a few, so it’s incredible expertise to take a shot at! You can rehearse this with an image sort, similar to you can discover here. For instance, with the letter I, you can show pictures of ice, igloo, iguana, inchworm, island, and iron. At that point have them sort them by a short vowel and long vowel sounds. This can be a precarious idea to see, so have persistence and continue dealing with it!

3. Rhyming Words

Rhyming is a significant aptitude for perusing. It’s a phonemic mindfulness ability that assists kids with hearing sounds inside words. It’s additionally a great deal of fun! We love to play a game where we express a word and attempt to think of the same number of words as we can to rhyme with it. You can find out about the different ways we work on rhyming here. Rhyming can be fun and senseless, however, it’s an incredible path for children to work on hearing the sounds in words.

4. Syllables

Including the number of syllables in words is another significant aptitude to take a shot at. This splits up words into areas and shows their parts. It’s enjoyable to applaud out the syllables in words with kids. You can likewise mess around to check syllables, similar to the ones on this post.

5. Making Words

Making words with only a couple of letters is an incredible method to work with letter sounds. Start with a few letters your kid knows truly well and show how you can improve them to make words. You can even go through made words! For instance, on the off chance that you utilize the letters S-A-M, you can make the words ‘sam’ ‘mas’ ‘ams’. Or then again keep the ‘- at’ together and put new consonants before it to make new words like ‘bat’, ‘cap’, ‘rodent’.

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