3 Letter Words

Start with 3 Letter Words

3 letter words are extremely tricky! You need to lay the foundation of the right concept for your kids to understand and build up upon!


1. State the letter sounds.

2. Stretch up the sounds.

3. Mix the sounds together. (Let’s assume them somewhat quicker.)

4. Give the signal.


Development consistently appears to assist kids with learning somewhat better, as I would see it and as far as I can tell. So when the CVC sound, a considerable lot of them did the Zoo-phonics signals. At that point, pull your hands separated to loosen up the sounds. Clear your hands to the side when we mixed them together. Afterward, toss their hands out before themselves when they said the last word. The more you do this, the better the kids get at it, and the faster they get at it, as well!

After you have sounded out the entirety of the words. Coordinate up the photos on the flashcards from the 3 letter words app with the right words. Afterward, as free practice, we do one of the CVC worksheets from the app.

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