How to teach three letter words to Kindergarten and Toddlers? (with Pictures)

Beginning with 3 letter words is incredibly tricky! You must lay the foundation of the right concept for your kids to understand and build upon how to teach your child the three-letter phrases! Since children pick up short words quickly while others take time to absorb and process to learn words quickly. 

If your child struggles to learn short phrases, there are different ways to overcome and learn the 3 letter words. These strategies will help to keep your child absorbed in obtaining new terms and enhance them better in the coming stages of education. Once your children learn the three letter words in English, they will find it easier to read, write and speak in further learning.

How to teach 3 Letter Words to Kindergarten without any struggle?

Children learn and develop language very fast; they quickly pick up words they like to discover more about new phrases. Once children understand the sequence of the English alphabet, they want to learn how these letters form into words. Kids will not only learn about word formation but also learn how the word creates particular sounds for correct pronunciation. 

how to teach 3 letter words to kindergarten

If you wonder or struggle with what to do next once your child learns the alphabet, here are the following steps to take learning letters to the next level.

State the letter sounds:

Beginning with the three-letter phrases requires knowing the proper pronunciation. Since English is a non-phonetic language, kids must learn the basics of phonics to build awareness. If kids do not know the sounds of the words, they will find it challenging to know the exact pronunciation of the words. Because words are not pronounced according to the spelling, it is essential to learn the importance of saying the words rather than learning the alphabet. To implement this step well is necessary to pronounce the letter sounds accordingly. 

Stretch up the sounds of CVC and VC:

Once the children learn the words’ pronunciation, they will find it easier to distinguish between the blended learning of CVC and VC. In this step, kids must properly understand vowels and consonants. This stage is to introduce the two letter words and adds one more consonant to form three letter words. If your children struggle with the blended learning of VC and CVC, they will find it hard to pronounce the words. To learn this successfully is to begin the CVC blend; it will help kids learn the trick quickly and figure out three letter phrases by themselves. 

Read together and use words in sentences:

Kids love when adults read the three letters aloud and grasp words on the go. Also, children love to read books, and story books are one of the most significant ways to learn words and obtain the meaning and connection of the sentence. Children reading books at their pace will find it easier to discover how terms form into a sentence. It will help kids to learn 3 letter words and utilize them in sentences. 

When you introduce three letter terms, be sure you use them in sentences. Structure those words in sentences that are easy to understand for your children and include more than two three letter phrases. At the start, it will be challenging, but once they learn this stage of putting words in sentences, they will develop to use words in sentences. This task is to teach your children to fill in the blanks to form the missing sentences. 

Show them pictures three letter words:

When showing 3 letter words to kids, be sure to include the picture to know the aesthetic of the phrase. It will give a clear understanding of the image of the term. Children quickly absorb information when they visualize things in their surroundings, thus making it easier to recognize and obtain information quickly. Since visual phrases are fast and quick to learn, kids will find it easier to remember CVC words and images. Once you teach your kids to learn terms and put them into sentences, be sure not to forget to include images. It will help kids to develop a strong memory of remembering words and enhance better in further learning.

CVC 3 Letter Words App:

The growing use of educational apps has become the most accessible tool where children can learn and pick up phrases at their convenience. CVC 3 Letter Words app has top-notch functions where kids can access and learn the words without providing extra guidance. The app consists of 14 categories and 84 phrases to build more terms on the go. The high-quality images and studio-quality voiceover allow children to know the appearance of the word and how that specific phrase is pronounced. The interactive animations help kids to access and learn the three letter terms and capture them in their minds quickly. 

Sing a song:

Singing a song is another solution to proceed with the CVC blends on the go. The best learning activity, singing, helps kids to remember the words and tune to enhance auditory abilities. When you sing a song to your kids, make a song that starts the CVC word by including the phrase’s beginning, middle, and end. Do include the sounds of the words that sound the same. It will help kids remember the song quickly, and you can change the lyrics where the rhythm sounds familiar. So begin teaching by making songs that include three-letter phrases. 

Play word-matching games:

When implementing matching games, tell your children to draw an object that matches the corresponding word. It will help to improve visual skills and sharpen the memory of remembering which image goes to which word. Another way to play word-matching games is to show the picture to your children and tell your kids to write the three letter term for that corresponding image. 

cvc word matching game


Kids love to get excited about drawing and making various arts and crafts. Since children hate boring worksheets, they love to discover and learn more terms that involve pictures and real-life photos to remember in their surroundings. The benefit of Pictionary is that it helps to improve drawing and vocabulary skills. To do Pictionary is to show the word to your child, and your child will draw that particular phrase. 

Create letters:

Creating letters is fun and interactive to keep your child engaged and busy. Since developing fine motor skills are essential, kids can utilize letters with various arts and crafts. Creating alphabets and making them into words can be done through painting or clay. If your children love clay, tell them to make any 3 letter word using clay and form them into letters. It will do an excellent exercise to develop hands-on coordination. You can also carry out this same activity through painting or letter blocks. 

Wrap Up:

Laying the correct concepts of 3 letter words is tricky, and children need fun and attention to learn and grasp the three-letter phrases quickly. Various activities and easy instructions will help your kids keep their learning engagement and help unwrap more words further in the coming stages.


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