Alphabet in English | How to teach kids

There are plenty of ways to teach the basic english alphabet to kids but some of them are proven to be much better than the others.

Colorful ABC | Present English Alphabet Flashcards

One good way to memorize alphabet is to present colorful flashcards to kids. Rather than using printed cards, you can search for a good app for colorful abc alphabet flashcards app for your phone or tablet.

ABC Song

There are several melodious ABC songs that kids love to sing along and that helps them to memorize the alphabet in sequence. Few alphabet songs are packed in this colorful abc flashcard app.

Write alphabets on paper

You can grab your child’s attention by writing english alphabet on a piece of paper repeatedly. Kids tend to follow their parents and thus they’ll remember the alphabet.

Alphabet with Pictures and Sounds

You can tell your child that which objects starts with any specific alphabet letter. As an example, you can teach that there are few objects that starts with a specific english alphabet letter. A for Apple, A for Airplane etc. There is an excellent app that teaches alphabet vocabulary, their related words, related pictures and sounds.