How to Memorize Spelling Words for Kids?

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As a parent, you usually worry when your kid scores impeccably on their spelling tests. They are not conveying that information in their reading and composing. As it were, they remember and write their spelling words, where everything stops. Their recently discovered information isn’t extending into training. At that point, other kids find it almost difficult to remember spelling words; thus, they perform ineffectively on spelling tests. That brings us to our topic today: how to memorize spelling words for kids!

Remembering spelling words takes more effort than courage to absorb letters and words to remember the spelling effectively. Since spelling tests are a headache for parents and kids, there are different ways to improve spelling and memorizing words without relying on boring worksheets. If your child struggles with spelling, here is guidance on how to memorize spelling words for kids. 

Why Teach Spelling?

Spelling is crucial so kids can compose precisely. We need our children to realize how to spell words and remember them in further education! If they can’t spell, they won’t have the option to compose effectively. So kids’ reading will improve. One positive side-effect of effectively encouraging kids to spell is that their reading levels take off. In other words, reading allows children to learn the spelling of phrases and remember how the letters are formed into words.

Why Teaching Spelling Hasn’t Worked Historically?

Numerous kids can’t remember and hold realities that include images. They may have the option to keep the letters and arrangement of a word for a couple of moments, yet after 30 minutes, the data will vanish from their minds.

Retaining for a test is not quite the same as applying spelling to reading or composing. For those kids who can maintain a rundown of words and can’t have any significant bearing on that information, the issue lies in the remembrance of a test. On the off chance that they can recall the spellings for a trial, regularly, they have “packed” for the test. Yet, the data was insignificant and wasn’t put away in long-term memory. The objective of contemplating was finishing an assessment, not figuring out how to utilize the words recorded as a hard copy.

Spelling exercises expect kids to gain proficiency with a grouping of letter names. We’ve never heard a kid rehashing word spellings to plan for a test. Sometimes they are approached to duplicate the word list five or multiple times. Kids likewise come to applaud and snap for consonants and vowels. Be that as it may, regardless of the material part or the reciting segment, the kids are still simply rephrasing an arrangement of letter names! However, words are made of sounds, not letter names. One you can hear and compose, the other you need to retain.

Strategies on How to Memorize Spelling Words for Kids

Here are some tips on how to train children to memorize words for effective spelling. And these methods work out very well for kids!

  1. Concentrate on the SOUNDS in words instead of letter names. I guarantee that our endeavors would spend if we showed spelling along these lines. No remembrance is required! Once your child remembers the sounds of the words, they will find it easier to recall the spelling of each term. 
  2. Creating word stairs is the most effective way for kids to memorize the term’s spelling. Since this is an easy method, it will help kids to understand word formation. The best way to do this strategy is first to give an example of how to do word stairs. Then allow your child to write each word adding one letter at a time. 
  3. Creating words on index cards is excellent for enhancing your child’s visual memory. All you have to do is write down the terms on the index cards and the definitions on the back. Then let your child look at the words and meanings and say the words and the spellings out loud. Then ask your child to test how to spell that phrase and let your child write down the words. 
  4. Trace, Copy, and Recall are easy to help your child remember spelling quickly. All you have to do is fold a piece of paper into three columns and label each with Trace, Copy, and Recall. Then write the phrase in the first column and let your child trace the letters. After that, allow them to copy the word and hide the first two columns to allow your child to recall the phrase. Then continue the same process with the remaining terms to build a strong memory. Be sure to check that your child is not cheating!

Effective Methods to Recall and Memorize Spelling Words

The practical methods of memorizing spelling words have caused difficulties in spelling tests. When children have trouble remembering spelling, they become disengaged and have trouble remembering the letters to form a word. Since no children like to engage in boring worksheets and repetitive tasks, there are effective methods for recalling spelling words. 

The following strategies are mentioned below:

Clap the Vowels:

Clapping the vowels is the most excellent method for children to memorize spelling. When you teach children to clap words, tell them to spell the word orally to develop the insights of pronouncing the phrase correctly. Doing this activity will help kids to engage in learning spelling and ensure an efficient way to memorize the letters quickly. To implement this strategy well, sit with your child and demonstrate when to stop the vowels while clapping.

Scramble with magnetic letters:

Scrambling letters is a fun way to allow children to scurry around the alphabet and build words for enhancing development. It makes a fantastic way for kids to find the letters and make words. If you have building blocks, this is a perfect solution to gain a strong memory in recalling spelling for higher marks. The more your child scrambles letters, the more they will learn new words and quickly remember how the word is spelled out. 

Words Train:

Quick digital learning has made it easier for kids to access the app and learn to spell quickly. The Words Train app has engaging content where kids enjoy learning and memorizing terms without relying on worksheets. The educational tool comprises three different levels to create words for better memorization. Once kids finish one level, they move on to the next. The app begins with three-letter words and continues with seven-letter terms. The interactive content helps kids to ease their understanding of the phrases and builds visual memory for acing higher marks.

CVC 3-Letter Words:

CVC 3 Letter Words is another educational app that aids in improving spelling tests. The app is an ideal solution for those children that struggles to memorize and differentiate between consonants and vowels. The tool comprises 14 categories and 84 terms to build and discover new words. High-quality images and voiceover help children know how to pronounce the phrase correctly. It helps to remember and improve spelling quickly. The app will bring fun and keep your child engaged without getting bored.

A little gift:

There are even applications and learning apps designed to help kids understand spelling words. Here are some for how to help kids memorize spelling words for kids.

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