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Following the initial phase of alphabet and phonics learning, early graders encounter the stage of “Spelling with Phonics.” This phase commences with two-letter words (e.g., At, Ot, En) and progresses to spelling three-letter CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant), such as Bat, Cat, Rat, Pen, and more.

Traditionally, this educational process involves the cumbersome task of collecting and filtering suitable words, followed by printing them to create flashcards. These flashcards are then repeatedly presented to a group of students in a classroom setting for reinforcement.

However, the impractical handling of printed cards, coupled with the repetitive nature of the activity, makes it a tiresome exercise confined to the classroom environment.


Enter the “CVC Three 3 Letter Word” App, designed to streamline this process. We have meticulously curated a comprehensive list of suitable words and integrated them into one interactive learning application.

This app is primarily crafted for teaching assistance and proves to be effective both in the classroom and at home for parents reinforcing concepts with their children.

Not only does the app eliminate the need for printing, automating repetitive tasks, but it also offers progress monitoring, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional printed sheets.

The app’s simplicity is evident in its user-friendly interface. It starts by selecting one of the 14 provided categories (e.g., Collection of AT, OT, ED Words), displaying a basic animation of how letters combine to form a word like “At.” Users can then find possible letter combinations, drag and match them to construct the CVC word.

Upon forming and pronouncing the word, a corresponding image is displayed for enhanced understanding and teaching support.

Progress tracking is facilitated through a star-based system, with each completed word earning a star. A maximum of 5 stars is awarded before the word is temporarily disabled (grayed out), encouraging the learner to excel in additional words. Stars can be reset to re-enable previously grayed-out words.

Regular practice across all words in each category instills confidence in parents and teachers regarding the child’s ability to form numerous words.

The app boasts a clean and animated interface, complemented by beautiful images, studio-quality voiceovers, and a thoughtfully selected vocabulary, rendering it an exemplary learning tool.

Key Features:

  • 14 Categories with 84 Essential Words
  • Teacher-Proofread Content
  • High-Quality Images
  • Studio-Quality Voiceover
  • Progress Tracking through Stars
  • Interactive and Animated
  • Clean and Attractive Interface

This educational app is available for free as a demo, featuring all 14 categories with essential words for kids to practice. For a comprehensive understanding of word formation, it is recommended to opt for the ads-free complete version.

Beyond teaching basic spelling techniques, the app enhances vocabulary and promotes phonetic learning. Suitable for both classroom and home use, it consumes minimal disk space, ensuring long-term retention on the device.

The complete app can be conveniently purchased within the app itself. At “Holiday Educationist,” we take pride in our team of trained and certified teachers who meticulously proofread app content, ensuring optimal quality assurance.

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