Teach 123 to toddlers

Counting 123 with kindergarten kids

Let’s Start Counting 123..!

Teaching kindergarten kids can be difficult! And 123 counting for kids is an uphill task, we need to exercise a lot of patience. Therefore, Holiday Educationists has compiled some tips and tricks to help parents stuck at home with restless children. Kindergarten kids get scared of mathematics very easily because there are multiple exercises and constant attempts at applying concepts and achieving correct answers. However, the core attempt at repetition helps at imprinting. Learning how to count 1 to 20 is essential in the first 2 years is very important for toddlers as any time later will make it difficult for them. Before staring the tips you must know that the main exercise parents counting 123 with kindergarten kids! only then will your children incorporate that habit. Kids do what they see adults doing! Holiday Educationist will start counting 123 with the kindergarten kids in our amazing apps.


Tricks for teaching 123 to kindergarten kids

An early effort by parents can spark interest in children to pursue mathematics later in life. The key method for children to learn numbers is to repeat them over and over in daily life such as


  1. Counting while climbing downstairs or upstairs

  2. 123 while giving  candies

  3. Counting stars with kids

  4. Walking steps to park

  5. Buying items at the grocery store with kids

  6. March and count around the house with your kids

Counting 123 with kindergarten kids

Counting 123 with kindergarten kids

Counting 123 with your child while you teach them how to use the stairs, Repetition helps carve the words in your child’s brains and they will learn to say it by themselves as they grow to climb on their own. Moreover, this way your child won’t feel like you are forcing them to sit and study.

When giving them treats and candies. It is wise to ask them to count and if they manage to get it correct reward them with extra candy.

Take your child grocery shopping with you and make them count while placing items in the basket. Help them learn how the total is done or just download the grocery expert app!

Install stepping stones in your garden or in their room or small exercises with sticker marks on the floor, to develop coordination and help them learn how to count.

Teaching 123 is a step by step procedure, we can’t make our child sit and say the words after you. That is harsh and will instill fear in your child. Start by making counting a habit amongst you and other members of the family. Ask everyone to take part in this activity. Take it slow and appreciate the event your child grasps the word and its associated meaning. Learning how to count is very important for children from an early age.

As they grow up try incorporating mathematical games such as Cool Math games and Math Love

Holiday Educationists has designed the step by step learning 123 apps. We start by using flashcard in our 123 for kids apps 

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