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5 Best shape recognition activities for kindergarten kids!

It is best to keep your toddler engaged because childhood is the time of exponential learning. You can not and should not make your child sit in a corner with a book in their hand. You need to teach them in an interactive way. So the team at Holiday Educationist has compiled a list of fun recreational shape recognition activities you can do with your kids. That not only helps them learn but is also counted as a leisure activity!

1. Shape hunt for kids

This game involves the distribution of cardboard cutouts of 2d shapes. You and your kid roams around the house and see through the cardboard cutting to recognize these shapes in day-to-day items. Help your kid if they get stuck.

This game is the best to keep multiple toddlers engaged in, without making much noise. Give them an hour or two and by the end distribute rewards to one who has collected the most shapes out of the house.

2. Gingerbread playdough shapes

This is an old-time game and its extremely popular during Christmas, however, you can use the same tactics with cookie dough or play dough with your kids. I suggest cookie dough but ensure they have their hands washed. Buy cutouts from your local mart or Etsy to support a young entrepreneur. There are many shape recognition activities for kindergarten kids designed on Etsy as well as here at Holiday educationist we have dedicated an app called Shapes for kids to this cause. Our flashcard app teaches kids the name of 2d shapes and 3d shapes with the correct pronunciation. It is available on IOS and android.

3. Shape recognition sorting stickers

This activity involves cutting 2d shapes out of a plain sticker sheet and sticking them under the assorted heading. This way the kid recognizes to learn how to differentiate between the usual 2d shapes we find around in our daily lives. you make cutouts yourself at home! This way your child remains occupied and if there is a bunch of toddlers! There won’t be any noise!

4. The shape of the week 

This is my personal favorite activity because it stays like a ticker in your child’s mind. They think over it the whole week. Thus more time is used in revision. You can reward them for recognizing the shape every time. Encouraging your child is the best way to learn for them.

5. Shape Detectives

Dress up like a detective and cut them out these spectacular magnifying glasses of assorted 2d shapes. Hunt around the hour with them for the shape that matches the magnifying glass! Pretend its a competition to keep your child engaged in the activity and on finding and distinguishing the shape, Reward them!