classic nursery rhymes

Importance of classic nursery rhymes

A newborn innately has a sharp sense of hearing as it can be seen that loud noise or sound of strangers puts them off and make them upset. The same way songs and nursery rhymes calm a baby and also help them recognize words and alphabets faster. Thus Classic nursery rhymes are extremely important for newborns and toddlers. Here are 10 reasons why Classic nursery rhymes are important for your kids.

1. They have a familiar pattern, helps easy memorization.

All the classical nursery rhymes have the same musical rhythm if you sing along with your baby, these nursery rhymes are then deeply instilled in their subconscious. They remember these for their lifetime. Thus lullabies should be calming with a positive moral.


2. They often tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Most nursery rhymes have a story like this

3. They have strong morals and takeaway lessons.

All nursery rhymes have a strong moral for kids to learn and try to implement them in their daily lives.  I always ask my kids, who are in kindergarten, to tell me what was the moral of the story because that way I would know that they learned more than just the story but also have the concept of comprehension.


4. They help pave the way to learning the language.

Nursery rhymes make it easy for children to understand the concept of communication and word pronation. The reason they are rhymed is for children to have less difficulty in memorizing and pronouncing them.

5. Great rhymers make great readers.

Kids are very innovative. Its a tried tactic, Once they understand the concept of thing, they will come around asking you if their own newly formed rhymes are correct, and they are the first ones  This is the sole reason these poems have survived times. They are immortal.

6. Helps develop children’s social skills

Once kids start going to kindergarten. The teachers first start off by music and poem lessons. Since these poems are universally similar. Children feel included and don’t feel isolated in the class. It is extremely essential that a kid feel inclusive in kindergarten or else they suffer from serious attention disorders, later on,  in life.

7. Creates a close relationship between adult and child

You are their first teacher. The bond, a mother and child share cannot be compared to any other relationship in the world. Encourage your child to sing their poem as you play or hum along.

8. Develop their non-verbal communication skills.

Nursery rhymes are a way a child learns to express with music. It is an innate gift.

9. It boasts children in language communication and literacy skills.

They practice word phonation and memory enhancement.

10. Understanding of concepts: painting pictures in children’s heads.

It helps them think out of the box.

And here is my favorite one for you and your kids to enjoy.


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