The top 4 alphabet recognition assessment activities

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Kindergarten kids are very hard to tackle. I can not imagine asking one to give me a test regarding how their ABCs are going. The tantrum they throw! anything to avoid that. That is why I have compiled 4 best, fail-safe, and fun alphabet recognition assessments that you can use to check if your kid has managed to remember their ABCs.

1.Alphabet swatting game

This is a game you can enjoy when a lot of kids gather up, use cut out pieces of alphabets, or just write alphabets on A4 sheets with colorful board markers. Gather up all the kids, tune in a fancy ABC song, and then let each kid chose a small letter alphabet from a box of cut out that are shuffled. Each kid finds the corresponding capital letter. The kid who collects the most is the winner! It is a great game that keeps kids occupied but in a productive manner. Most importantly, who wouldn’t want that.

2.Alphabet Recognition Assessment Apps

Normally, kindergarten kids are stuck to their tablets and gadgets like glue and throw a huge tantrum if you try to take them away. Therefore, I devised a plan to make this fruitful on their end, by installing some amazing learning apps that have game features and inquisitive sounds so that these little demons stay occupied but with worthwhile activities. Here are some mind-blowing features I unlocked! And it is available on IOS and Android.

3.The ABC in the Candy

Its a very simple game, the only special bit is that your kid needs to tell you any alphabet they remember that they see on the wrapper of the treat. For example, if its a Mars bar, ask them to tell you the secret alphabet or else you cant give the candy without knowing this secret. Help your child while the pressure their minds to think. Also while teaching you kindergarten kids, it is wise to use their favorite items as examples! That keeps their attention on what you are saying! It an amazing, mentally sharpening trick to help you kids develop the recognition of alphabets at a subconscious level.

4. Alphabet GO!

This is actually a card game that analyzes the alphabet recognition capability of your kid. For this game, you need to craft 54 cards, I suggest using some durable material because YOUR KID IS GOING TO LOVE THIS. Moreover, kids love beating their parents at games so I just play in a way that they feel like they are smarter than you at this.

  • So chose the alphabets in their name.
  • Make a double-deck out of it.
  • To make this a little bit simpler, and for the opportunity to offer a clue if needed, I chose to write each letter in a different color. This way, if they could not recall what a “p” looked like, I could tell them that it was an orange letter.
  • Shuffle the cards and deal 3 cards to your preschooler and 3 to yourself.
  • Take turns asking, “Do you have a ….” (and select a letter from your hand to ask)
  • Let them decide if two card pair up, capital and small case.

The game ends when all cards are paired up! pretend you lost and they won!