What Age Should A Child Know the Alphabets?

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What age should a Child know Alphabets?

The age a child should know the alphabet is actually 3-4, However it varies for every child and parent dynamic. Children start recognizing alphabets by the age of 2. By the age of 4-5, they can memorize the ABC. But, Do not expect full mastery.

Also, do not turn to harsh measures just to teach your child the alphabets at such a young age. They have already embarked on the journey of learning and will continue for the rest of their life. Do not drag your child through this journey.

Rather, they should walk their child through it. If need a little nudge in the right direction. A little pat on the back.

The first step in teaching the alphabet is getting your child curious about being attentive to stories. At age 2-3 years, children love having storybooks. They recognize the print and you can enhance their letter recognition by telling them what alphabet is.

Ways to teach your child the alphabet at the age of 2.

The best way to introduce your child to the alphabet is by spelling them their name. Sign their name on their artwork, then indicate each letter one by one. Eventually, they’ll get the thought that those letters, put together, represent their name.

You’ll be able to reinforce this identification in many ways:

Alphabet letters forming their name on the door of their room, perhaps, or a toy or puzzle personalized together with their name.

If they seem interested, be at liberty to continue helping your child learn more letters. But if they are under 4 and shows no interest, it is best to let it select a long time. No evidence suggests that very early alphabet learning is said to advance reading skills afterward.

Now that we have answered your question of what age a child should know the alphabet. Here is a small gift for your tiny one. This will help you through the journey.

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