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Before we disclose our secret. We have to tell you about the immense benefits of teaching your kids about shapes. Instead of a list of geometric shapes, let kids swipe to the next shape.

Geometric Shapes help in Maths

A strong understanding of shapes can help preschoolers better recognize the numbers and the way they appear. Number recognition is an early math skill preschoolers need before they’ll go on to more advanced math skills, like addition. The list of geometric shapes themselves is the geometry standards of math.

Geometric Shapes develop Observational Skills.

Learning the differences in geometric shapes requires preschoolers to specialize in specific characteristics. Preschoolers learn to use observational skills to spot the various geometric shapes. Helping them memorize a list of geometric shapes, enhances their cognitive abilities in the long run. They also find out how to check different shapes and group similar shapes together. Those observational skills transfer to other areas. Observation and categorization are key skills in science.

Geometric Shapes boost Problem-solving Skills.

Shape activities can help preschoolers develop problem-solving skills. Shape sorting toys are one example. When a baby recognizes the characteristics of a square, he can match it with the square hole on the toy. Shape recognition also can help when generating puzzles. If he pays attention to the shapes of the pieces and also the shapes of the openings within the puzzle, he can determine the proper spot for every piece.

Helps children identify and organize visual information, it helps them learn skills in other curriculum areas including reading, math, and science. as an example, an early step in understanding numbers and letters is to acknowledge their shape. Learning shapes also helps children understand other signs and symbols. A fun thanks to helping your child learn shapes is to create a shape hunt game. Cut a shape out of paper and celebrate looking for your house or neighborhood for objects that match that shape. Or, gather a variety of various objects, and help your toddler sort them into piles in line with the shape

Our little gift.

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