Number Recognition Assessment of Toddlers

Number recognition assessment is the same as ABC. But much more fun! For your kids. Probably you as well. It is for me though. Number recognition starts at a very early age. As early as stuffing their mouth with candies is. The moment they recognize the importance of counting. They tail you around the house saying ”Mommy can I have 3 candies?” or in the grocery store is probably the most testing time. It goes like ”Mommy can I buy 2 Kinder eggs?”. On it goes. Everything is fine and happy until you make them sit down with their books open. Something about making toddlers sit down actually never workout for most of us. It turns into tantrums and lots of whining.

To fix it up, we needed a brilliant solution. A foolproof plan! That is when the thought of math games struck. Toddlers love games. But if you ask them to sit down to study. It’s a big no! So we decided to incorporate all the important concepts in a game based interface. Tested the games out on very difficult toddlers. And it worked out like a charm.

Why Number Recognition Assessment?

As a parent, we need to keep track of what our child learned and what is more left to it. That is why games like Math Love and Cool Math Games. These free to download and easily accessible apps are available for free on IOS and Android. They are strictly age-relevant and the content has been crafted exactly to match the mindset of a preschooler or a kindergartner.


Recommended by Age Group

1 - 2 Years
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2 - 3 Years
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3 - 6 Years (Kindergartener)
CVC Three Letter Words - Grocery Expert for Kids – Learn Numbers & Counting Cool Math - Math Love - Words Train - Spelling Bee & Word Search Puzzle Game for kids