5 Best Number Activities for Preschoolers

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In your life, you could have heard students describing their fear for math. Psychologically, our personality likes, and dislikes often resides near our childhood. Reschooling is the first step towards education in a child’s life. A fun way of learning can often make your kids develop interest. Hence, you can give your preschoolers a strong foundation of basic mathssteps by some creative and short number activities. It could be as simple as counting jellybeans that can easily convey a strong idea of numbers to your preschoolers. Hence we compiled number activities for preschoolers to help them learn while being physically engaged!

5 Best Number Activities for Preschoolers!

You may question yourself why or how should you teach the basics of maths to your kids. Striving to learn is a way that can lead preschoolers to find difficulty in comprehending maths. Thus, an enjoyable way can deliver concepts to them. You don’t need to spend the whole day after a little number of activities . One to two hours is enough to engrave a strong idea of numbers.

To you, it is essential that your kid finds these first steps comfortable. Not only it can make your kid feel encouraged about number related activities in life. Mentally, it can also save them from developing negative thoughts against math. Such type of confidence can boost thinking of your kids in various aspects.

Instructions Of Teaching Numbers Through Activities:

How Many Sweets Do I Have?

A simple trick can save you and your kid from working too hard. Instead of that, you can work smartly through fun games including sweets or chocolates. Sweet and sugars attract almost every kid. You can simply demonstrate to your child about how many numbers of sweets you have. Moreover, you can ask them to collect the way you demonstrated. Moreover, you ought to reward your kid for small accomplishments. It could be learning 1 to 10 correctly.

Number Hunt!

Small matching cards can play an important part for you. Your child will find it enjoyable to match number cards or perhaps find out what comes after 2. The curiosity of kids will help them learn the number themselves. In simple words, they could be curious to see where matching number 3 card is or else to find the correct sequence of counting. This activity greatly affects the learning of your kid. Your child will have a strong image of number cards in their brain which can lead them to easily remember the correct shape of each number.

Paint Any Number!

This is the most interactive number of activities for preschoolers amongst all! Charming and bright colors attract almost every child. Painting colorful numbers increase the probability of these numbers to be memorized by your child automatically. Fascinated by these vivid colors, your preschoolers will absorb themselves to create paintings of numbers. Nothing is better than your kid remembering that how are they going to write each number correctly. Hence, it is a simple but effective way to make your kids memorize numbers.

Staircase With Numbers:

Every child is different. Some are interested in arts or mind games like puzzles others can be interested in various activities like physical games. You might often think it is tough to restrain your kids who are interested in physical activities. It could be possible they don’t want to sit and study. How to make them learn numbers is pretty easy. Just place number cards on the staircase and ask them to collect any number card of the stair. It helps kids learn while being physically active.

Hide And Seek With Numbers:

All kids are attached to Parents. Playing with parents makes them feel not only comfortable but also it makes the parent-child bond stronger. You could be wondering that your child is asking for your attention instead of focusing on number games like candy counting or painting numbers. There is a smart and loving way to answer your question. Simply, play hide and seek while wearing any number card taped on your shirt or perhaps you can hold any number card. This way fulfills the need of attention for your kid and also helps them learn.

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