How to build English Vocabulary in kids

A child starts to learn the basic English Vocabulary since his early childhood. Children always have craved to know about their surroundings and therefore they start observing the things and try to name them.

There have always been discussions about how to build basic english vocabulary in kids as the kid grows older, teaching methods become boring and obsolete for the kids. There has to have creative ways for the kids for their perpetual learning.

Here are some proven methods that a parent can adapt to build their kid’s basic vocabulary efficiently.

Benefits of Direct Interaction & the Parent’s responsibility

English Vocabulary learning mainly is the direct responsibility of parents who are not only supposed to gives sufficient time to their children but also give them the confidence to ask questions about anything. Parents also must ask questions about whatever they think their kid might not know yet.

Parents and children must spend a lot of time with each other. The kids learn the best from their parents. In-home or during any visit outdoors together provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn from their parents a lot of things and not surprisingly the share of vocabulary learning is the biggest of all, especially early age.

Direct interaction between parents and kids is the most efficient way to build vocabulary. Questioning and answering the things they witness together in routine life has absolutely no alternative. The child of a responsible parent who interacts with his/her kids regularly definitely outshines than of an irresponsible one. The more a parent interacts with his/her children, the more and more learning opportunities kids get from them.

Printed English Vocabulary Flashcards

Printed vocabulary Flashcards come on a variety of subjects and formats (Basic words, fruits, vegetables, animals, etc). These books play a vital role in building vocabulary in kids. Kids feel possessive about their books and therefore take interest in the material they contain. Although they don’t look reading the book as the elders do, over time they definitely learn a lot from those printed books. Parents must visit a local book store to get some books suitable for their kids

English Vocabulary Building Apps (1.5 — 4 years old)

Mobile devices, especially tablets play a key role in teaching the kids. There are plenty of free and paid apps available in the market that provides a basic vocabulary to toddlers and young ones. Different apps offer a different number of vocabulary words with each alphabet that helps the kids to enhance their vocabulary. These apps and games are counted as very healthy to learn English vocabulary building activities. Many apps provide different vocabulary exercises to build vocabulary. Depending on the age of the kid, the parent must guide and download the apps for their children.

Alphabets Vocabulary Book is among these Apps. It’s a freemium app and caters to the early learners (1.5 – 4 years of kids). The app offers most vocabulary words with each alphabet letter and provide images and sounds with vocabulary words. It also has a Flashcard mode to see the objects in a bigger size.

Alphabet vocabulary book for montessori and kindergarten kids

Alphabets Vocabulary Book


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