How to build English Vocabulary in kids

Children quickly pick up new phrases in their surroundings, which helps them explore and find new nouns on the move. Whether they pick up new words from the park or in cartoons, kids will always find different ways to observe what they see when learning English vocabulary. In other words, kids are keen observers of what they see in their surroundings. 

Studies have proven that children learn new vocabulary through different parental involvement. Developing broad vocabularies are the fundamentals of boosting social skills, building confidence, and motivating achievement in their academic learning. Early development of building vocabulary helps your child to learn new words. Even if they have speech problems or delays in speaking, learning English vocabulary helps to increase their social skills and so improves pronunciation. 

Discussions have been around between speech therapists and pre-school teachers on how to build English vocabulary words for kids for fun and engaging learning methods. Kids quickly get bored with worksheets and obsolete activities, there are proven and creative ways for parents to train their children on enhancing perpetual learning. 

Suppose your child struggles to learn new and existing English vocabulary and lacks effective learning. Evidently, there are proven ways to help build new phrases quickly. These methods will keep your child engaged and enjoy learning new words.

Direct Conversation Between Child and Parent:

Involving a direct conversation between child and parent is one of the most crucial ways of encouraging kids to learn from basic to unfamiliar English vocabulary. It helps to give your child confidence in catching new phrases and asking questions about anything. Parents must ask their children if they understand what the word is about and the meaning behind it. Do ensure to ask if your child understands this particular word or not. 

Parents and children must have efficient quality time with each other. The kids learn the best from their parents at a young age. Parents and children must have efficient quality time with each other. The kids learn the best from their parents at a young age. Taking them out and learning new phrases are a brilliant opportunity to build new English words they have never heard before. So it will build confidence when picking up new things and leave an overall interaction. 

Questioning and answering the things they witness together in routine life has no alternative. The child of a responsible parent who interacts with their kids regularly definitely outshines that of an irresponsible one. The more a parent is involved in the interaction with their kids, the more children will learn excellent vocabulary and build increasing confidence.

Printed English Vocabulary Flashcards:

Utilizing English vocabulary flashcards are generally another effective method of building English phrases for kids. Flashcards are available in various formats and subjects that help build strong memory and enhance remembering of the word and its appearance. Children love learning words with standout illustrations or authentic images to remember the English phrases and sharpen their memory. 

There are various flashcards available in the bookstore. You can either buy it or make one at home. When buying flashcards, be sure the cards are of the appropriate age. If you feel making flashcards seem tedious, you can access and download the Alphabet Flashcards App.

English Vocabulary Building Apps (1 – 4 years old)

Mobile devices,  especially apps and tablets play a crucial role in delivering digital education. This is certainly true for obtaining a quick and hassle-free learning method that saves time from printed worksheets.

Plenty of free and paid apps are available in the app store, providing a basic vocabulary to toddlers and young ones. Different apps offer various language that helps kids to enhance memory and remember spelling. These apps are accessible and the easiest way of training kids to build vocab on the go. 

The use of apps creates better engagement and saves tedious time on relying on worksheets. Many apps provide different vocabulary exercises to build other words on the go.

ABC Alphabets English Vocabulary is one of those Apps that helps to build vocabulary skills. It’s a freemium app and caters to early learners (1 – 4 years of kids). The app offers different vocabulary words with each letter and provides images and sounds for greater engagement. Importantly, it also has a Flashcard mode to see the objects in a bigger size for ease of reading.

Other Methods for Building English Vocabulary in kids

Basically, other methods help to encourage your child to build English vocabulary and expand their reading and writing skills. These methods ensure an effective way of picking up new words quickly. In any case, children should learn to enhance their reading, writing, and speaking by learning new words.

Visit your Nearest Local Library:

If you live in an area with a nearby library, this is one of the most incredible places to take your child and help them with their reading choices. Studies have shown that taking children to the library helps increase reading skills and build new words. There are countless books available that leave you overwhelmed. To overcome the suitable choice is to ask the librarian for help.

Read Books Together:

Kids love to read books to their parents and read aloud for remarkable reading development. Reading books together is essential to plan a reading routine with ample time to enhance a comprehensive and effective way to build vocabulary. It helps to improve reading skills. 

To get your child interested in reading is to watch the interest and type of books your child loves to read. If your child dislikes short stories, opt for non-fiction books, comic books, and kids’ newspapers.

Play Word Games:

Countless word games are available in the market and in the app store, which help your child to build new phrases. If your child is tech-savvy, you can download the Words Train app to create short three-letter words to seven-letter terms. Words Train motivates your child to build higher reading abilities.

Teach and Reinforce the Alphabet:

Teaching the ABC song keeps your child busy on long car rides, in a queue, or on the bus. To gain alphabet recognition, you can use the Alphabet Recognition Activities app to pronounce the letters right and compose interactive games for a fun learning routine.

Make Labels:

To encourage your child to learn more words, show the objects of the terms by creating a label maker to name everyday objects. It benefits your child by remembering things and finding them quickly. For instance, if your child has toys separated into various baskets, label them with cars, dolls, books, and many more. This will help your child to identify the objects that match the phrases rather than struggling to know what the object is.

Use Words in Sentences:

It would be pointless to introduce new words if your child doesn’t know how to use them. To learn new phrases quickly, utilizing the words in speaking and writing helps your child understand the definition and context behind the term.

When constructing the words in sentences, be sure the sentences are easy to understand so it makes sense for children to grasp and then pick up the words. To carry out this step is to teach how to construct phrases in a sentence and read the sentence aloud.

Wrap Up 

Kids love to observe and obtain new words on the go. Developing a vast and new English vocabulary helps kids in increasing social skills and confidence in their lifelong learning. The build-up of terms enhances reading and writing skills with ease. These methods help your children to learn and build English phrases at an early age and keep them absorbed with picking up words from various surroundings.


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