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Words Train

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Words Train

Words Train is a beautiful learning game for kids that leverages the kids to learn the basic vocabulary words with their spellings. It a fun way to learn for the kids of 4 – 8 years of age.

The kids happily drag the alphabet letters on the train wagons to form the correct spelling of the word. Words Train has 3 letter words upto 7 letter words to teach spelling. There is a corresponding image is provided along with its sound so the child could get a hint about making its spelling.

Words Train has an ideal user interface for children that contains beautiful graphics, animation, correct pronunciations and sound effects. It is a bundle of attractive game that keeps the kids busy in educational and full of fun learning activity.

Motivation & Encouragement.

Motivation and encouragement is very essential for kids’ learning ability. Words Train provides an excellent opportunity for the parents and teachers to motivate their student on their small achievements. Encouragement builds confidence and the kids aim to attempt even higher.

Rules and Regulations

The first level (Easy) is contains 3 letter words, medium level contains 4 letter words, hard level consists of 5 letter words and so on.
Each correct attempt adds one star and benefits with coins (Easy +3, Medium +4 etc).
The level is upgraded upon successfully completing all the stars.

Download Words Train Now

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