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Vocabulary Words App for Kindergarten Kids

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

Vocabulary Words App for Kindergarten Kids

Enhancing your kid’s vocabulary is crucial in early learning, which obtains the earlier steps. Holiday Educationist guides you through those steps with the best vocabulary words app for kids. The app not only consists of typical vocab that bores your children but has eight corresponding images with each alphabet. Perfect phonation and the relevant visual cue help your kids easily grasp the vocab!

The simple vocabulary words for kids have eight essential vocabulary words for each letter. The vocabulary word has the right phonations and pictures to make it simple for your kids to learn and remember! This app explicitly targets 2 to 3-year-old kids. Our exploration shows that it is usable for ten months to 5-year-old children.

Vocabulary words with Pictures!

Every letter in order has a lowercase and capital letter. Additionally, the eight pictures are joined alongside each letter. (e.g., the image of an apple, ambulance, and accordion). These real pictures draw attention to see what each vocabulary looks like for better learning engagement. If your child struggles to know the image of each word, this app does the job! The use of real pictures helps to boost your kids’ memory and makes learning more fun and interactive. It makes it easy to recall and explore objects in their surroundings. Your child will not feel bored while using this app! 

Vocabulary words with Audio!

Touch the letter set to uncover the right phonation to learn how the word is pronounced—the Vocabulary words and pictures (e.g., touching an apple picture will say ‘Apple’ ). Expertly recorded studio-quality sounds to keep the application’s quality stand separated from the group. Your kids will learn the words accurately without any difficulties or confusion.

Vocabulary words with Songs!

The app is available in 5 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. Not simply that, each language has a cadenced letter to the melody. This sweet and cadenced melody gives the ambiance of helping your child learn letters and words with a song. These letter sets keep your children engaged with learning groups of words in each letter. The premium tune makes it fun and interactive to sing the alphabet song!

Why learn vocabulary words?

Accessing the Vocabulary Words App helps to enhance your kids’ learning and aids in improving IQ in further education. Looking and listening to more than one vocabulary with a particular letter helps to pick up words and expands the early learning of remembering and saying words on the go! 

The interactive images, readable letters, and words make it easy for your kids to ease the struggle of enhancing phonetic skills. This reason acquires guardians and educators to instruct the kids by starting the terms of each letter quickly. The ideal application saves time from working on boring worksheets! Your kids will enjoy learning these words without using paper and pencil!

Multiple settings!

We have picked the best vocabulary words for every letter to create a fascinating sound on each object (for example, car, rescue vehicle, gorilla, and so on). These audio effects make an interaction that keeps your kids associated when knowing about these words and how they are pronounced.

The multiple settings of the app allow you to customize the app for ease of use. The app has numerous alternatives to change fonts, turn on/off background music, and a cheat sheet mode to show pictures of each letter at a large scale. This help with what the image of each word looks like when zoomed in with a closer look.

Vocabulary words are applicable for 4th grade!

The vocabulary words app is designed to encourage children to learn the vocab applicable in 4th grade. We guarantee that the terms are effectively reasonable and intriguing enough for 2 to 3-year-old kids to learn and memorize with ease. The app makes an outstanding use that is great for preschool and allows your children to enjoy learning in the comfort of your home.

Key Features

  • Up to 8 vocabulary words for each letter 
  • Sound Effects of each term and picture 
  • Four deliberately chosen Fonts for remembering letter sets’ shapes
  • Available in five languages 
  • Zero interruption of any UI controls
  • Toddler-friendly hues
  • Delicate ambient sounds alternative
  • High-quality images
  • Swipe left or right navigation to explore between letters
  • Background music option

Download on Your Phone | Tablet | PC

The app is available on Android and iOS app stores that are accessible and downloadable on various devices, including phones and tablets.

Introduce it on Microsoft Windows

In addition, the app has been introduced on the Microsoft Windows store which all you have to do is to tap on the icon and click download. It will divert you to the Microsoft Store, where you can download the app once you have made it to your Microsoft account.

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

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