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What are flashcards?

A flashcard is a card with information on it, used for memorizing. Flashcard app applies the same concept on a digital interface, making this an altogether phenomenal teaching methodology. I’ll explain why the flashcards app is the best way to teach your preschooler from the start.

Why use flashcards app?

Studies show that by the end of 3 months, a baby starts focusing on moving objects and following them with their eyes. Yes, That is why flashcards came into existence as well as flashcards app. In this teaching method, we present the flashcard and pronounce what has been written on it.

Hence,  a preschooler registers that symbol with the sound you associate. However, doing this is tiring that is why flashcard apps make it easy for you. There are exuberant and subtle colors, a vast amount of options to choose from. They are available in multiple languages.

Here are some quick benefits you should consider when looking for teaching material for your kids. They are environment-friendly. Don’t waste paper and extra material on making flashcards at home because they are difficult to maintain. Toddlers usually hold them in a way that they are not left for a second-time use. Secondly, every alphabet is associated with the designated a sound, teaching your kids the proper phonation is extremely essential for the development of good verbal skills.

Repetitive stimulation helps enhance the memorizing centers of the kid’s brain, thus constant exposure to such flashcard help them in learning from an early age. Tweak the settings to your preference, don’t like bright colors? Is the alphabet too small? You can change it all.

Its one-click away. Our apps are all with a kid-friendly interface, they were all crafted keeping in my mind the busy schedules of parents and to spare them some stress-free time. They can have a little time-out knowing their kids are doing something productive.

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After many thorough studies, holiday educationist has crafted apps with the perfect balance of fun, games, knowledge. These apps come with endless features such as customizable fonts, enticing music, captivating graphics, our virtual interface sounds the correct pronunciation when you tap the alphabet.  By consistently showing flashcards to your preschooler, you instill this information in their sub-conscious. You prepare them for their future educational journey.