35 Best (Indoor + Outdoor) Kindergarten Games

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Is it raining outside? If it is, you might have some unhappy and playful kindergarten students causing a bit of trouble in your classroom. But don’t worry! When going outside isn’t an option, you can still have fun with games inside the class.

Indoor kindergarten games are like secret weapons to keep your kindergarten students happy and learning. They’re games you can play right there in the classroom. Imagine 35 different kindergarten games, all super fun and helping your students learn cool stuff. Let me tell you about them!

Kindergarten Games:

Little kids are really curious and love to explore. Sometimes, they think school is more about sitting and being good than playing and learning. Our games let them explore by themselves while practicing important skills over and over.

There are many different Kindergarten games to choose from. They help kids imagine things and keep learning at the same time. Just make sure to pick games that are good for their age.

35 Best Indoor Kindergarten Games to Have Fun in the Classroom

Being a kindergarten teacher or guardian is no walk in the park. You’re in charge of a bunch of super energetic and curious kids all day long. Plus, when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor play, setting up indoor games becomes a must.

Research shows that kindergarten games can help teachers nurture social, emotional, and even economic skills in students. So, picking just the right indoor games for kindergarten students is crucial to keep their senses buzzing. Here are the best classroom games perfect for your little learners:

6 Best Indoor Learning Kindergarten Games For Classroom

Learning Games for Kindergarten

Number Match-Up:

Materials Needed: Pen and paper

Number Match-Up is a fantastic kindergarten game for math learning designed for kindergarten students to play indoors. Here’s how you can set it up: scribble down random numbers on a sheet of paper, not in any particular order.

Then, distribute these papers and hand out pencils to all your students. Their mission? Connect the numbers in the correct sequence.

For instance, they start by drawing a line from number 1 to number 2, then on to 3. This engaging activity serves as a fun way for your students to grasp counting skills and recognize various number shapes.

Weighty Wonders:

Materials Needed: Various props

In this kindergarten game, head over to your school’s property room and gather objects of different sizes like balls, papers, pencils, and more. Once you have an assortment, set them up on a table. Grab two objects at a time and pose the question to your students: “Which one is heavier?”

For instance, you might hold a ball in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. Encourage your students to point out the object they think is heavier. This straightforward yet effective game serves as a playful way for kindergarten students to recognize diverse shapes and understand their physical properties.

Mirror Chat:

Materials Needed: Mirror

Looking to boost confidence and enhance your students’ speech skills? If the answer is yes, then “Mirror Chat” is the ideal indoor kindergarten game for your students. Here’s how it works: set up a mirror in your class and invite your students to step forward and talk about themselves while looking in the mirror.

This simple activity helps students improve their self-expression and gain the confidence to speak without any hesitation. It’s a great way to encourage them to find their voice!

Animal Guessing Game:

Materials Needed: Animal photo cutouts

Engage your students in a lively indoor kindergarten game by preparing animal photo cutouts. Print out pictures of various animals and attach them to a cardboard sheet.

When you have a moment to organize learning activities in your kindergarten classroom, bring out these animal cutouts and scatter them around the class.

Challenge your students to guess each animal from the photos one by one. It’s a fun and educational way to spark curiosity about the animal kingdom!

Pink Balloon Dash:

Materials Needed: Colorful balloons

In this kindergarten game, inject some fun and learning into your kindergarten day with the “Pink Balloon Dash.”

First, inflate an array of colorful balloons and scatter them throughout your classroom. Next, assign a specific color to each student and instruct them to gather balloons of that color only, such as pink.

This enjoyable activity not only aids in color recognition for your students but also ensures some active running around the class, giving them a good workout while having a blast.

Would You Rather?

Material Needed: Duct tape

“Would You Rather” is a game that your kids will be excited to play! To start, create a line with tape or yarn down the middle of the classroom and have your students line up on it. Then, pose “Would you rather” questions like, “Would you rather eat moldy macaroni or sugar-covered spiders?”

Your students will hop forward for the 1st option and backward for the 2nd option. The crazier your questions, the more fun they’ll have!

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6 Entertaining Classroom Kindergarten Games for Students

Classroom Games for Kindergarten Students

Musical Chairs:

This timeless kindergarten game is always a hit! Start by counting how many students are playing and arrange the same number of chairs back-to-back in the center, minus one. Then, play some music and have the kids circle the chairs, finding a seat when the music stops.

At the end of each round, one child will be left without a chair and is out of the game. Continue removing chairs in each round until only one kid is left sitting, the winner!

Sticky spider web:

Materials Needed: Duct tape, waste newspaper

For an entertaining and slightly messy activity that toddlers will love, try the Sticky Spider Web game. Using duct tape, fashion a spiderweb-like pattern on a door frame. Provide waste paper to your students and encourage them to crumple it into ball shapes.

Let the kids toss these paper balls onto the spider web and enjoy the fun. While a bit of cleaning up may be required afterward, the joy your kids experience in the class makes it worthwhile.

Balloon football:

Materials Needed: Balloons

If you find your students bursting with energy, keeping them confined in the classroom can be a bit tricky. To channel that energy positively, organize a game of Balloon Football right in the classroom.

All you have to do is inflate a few balloons and position two chairs parallel to form a goal. Then, let your students kick and play around the classroom freely. It’s a lively and engaging way for them to release some energy!

Paper dance:

Materials Needed: Paper

Energizing your students can be as simple as adding a twist to dancing. Enhance the fun by incorporating a piece of paper into the mix. Distribute a paper to each student and instruct them to dance on it.

To make the game more exciting, prompt them to fold the paper after each song. As your little ones bop around, occasionally stumbling while dancing on the paper, it creates a lively and joyful atmosphere in your class.

Movement chain:

Materials Needed: Whistles

Get your whole class involved in this enjoyable classic children’s game. To play, blow a whistle, and request one student to execute a movement, like jumping twice or taking five steps. Blow the whistle again, choosing another student to perform the initial movement along with an additional one.

Continue this pattern, creating a chain of movements throughout your entire class. It’s a lively way to engage everyone in physical activity!

Airplane landing:

Materials Needed: Waste paper

Distribute sheets of waste paper to your students and show them how to craft paper airplanes. Have them aim their paper planes at a designated target and determine who has the most accurate throw.

Adding a unique twist to the game, challenge the students to retrieve their thrown paper planes without walking, crossing, or hopping. Witness the creative strategies your students employ to retrieve their paper planes, making the game both entertaining and inventive.

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6 Innovative Indoor Kindergarten Games for Students

 Indoor Games for Kindergarten Students

Pass the Rubber Chicken:

Material Needed: Rubber chicken

Having a rubber chicken on standby is always a great idea! Utilize it as a timer by having your students pass it in a circle before another student fully answers a question.

Ideal questions for this activity could be something like, “Name 7 mammals,” providing an opportunity for students to pass the chicken around the circle as they share their answers. If the speaking student can’t complete the task in time, it’s time for them to bust out the chicken dance!

Sock puppet:

Materials Needed: Old socks, buttons, glue gun

Encourage your students to bring in old socks and buttons from home. With the help of a glue gun, attach buttons to the socks to form eyes and a nose, crafting adorable sock puppets.

Then, have your students wear their sock puppets on their hands and put on a puppet show right in your classroom. It’s a delightful and creative activity for them to enjoy!

Paint a pebble:

Materials Needed: Watercolors and pebbles

This engaging indoor game is tailored for entertaining kindergarten students. Begin by guiding your students to the school garden and having them select a stone or pebble.

Then, set up an art station in your classroom, providing paint for your students to decorate their chosen pebbles. While there might be a bit of a mess, this activity allows them to explore their creativity, turning plain pebbles into beautiful works of art.

Back-and-forth Drawing:

Materials Needed: Lots of crayons

Unite your entire class with this straightforward art game. Provide a piece of paper and some crayons to one student, asking them to draw something. Allow each student 10 minutes to add to the drawing before passing it on to the next student.

In the end, you might end up with a quirky and amusing drawing, but the joy your class experiences throughout the process will make it all worthwhile.

Simon says, Draw!

Materials Needed: Paper and crayons

Distribute paper sheets and crayons to all your students. Instruct them to draw various objects, following prompts like “Simon says, draw a circle.” The twist? If you don’t say “Simon says” before giving an instruction, and your students still draw, they’re out of the game.

This activity helps teach them the importance of listening carefully and following instructions accurately.

Fun family drawing:

Materials Needed: Paper and crayons

Encourage your students to create portraits of their family members. Witness the joy as your kindergarten students express their creativity through quirky shapes and characters to depict their families.

Additionally, allow them to take their family drawings home, providing an opportunity to share and showcase their artwork with their parents.

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6 Indoor Kindergarten Games Centered Around Activities for Students

Kindergarten games

Find an object:

Materials Needed: Lots of miscellaneous items

Collect various objects such as a clock, pen, ball, etc. Spread these items throughout your classroom and instruct your students to locate specific objects.

For instance, you can say, “Lily, find a clock,” or “Sam, find a blue pen.” To add an exciting element, set a time limit for finding each object. This game not only engages your students but also enhances their observation skills.

Movement Memory:

Material Needed: Nothing

In this indoor kindergarten game, your students get the opportunity to contribute to a sequence of movements. For example, Student 1 might clap their hands. Following that, Student 2 would clap their hands and turn around.

Moving along, Student 3 has the task of replicating both previous actions and introducing a third. The objective is to see how far the class chain can progress without any mistakes.

Jump and say:

Materials Needed: Blackboard

In this kindergarten game, utilize your classroom blackboard for this engaging activity. Write down common words that your students frequently use in class, such as “thank you” or “sorry.”

Establish a rule that whenever students utter these specific words, they must incorporate a jump before vocalizing them.

If they fail to adhere to the instructions, they are tasked with continuous jumping for one minute. This activity is guaranteed to expend the boundless energy of your lively kindergartners.

Indoor bowling:

Materials Needed: Paper cups and balls

In this kindergarten game, transform your classroom into an indoor bowling alley with just paper cups and balls. Divide your class into teams of two and set up a mini-bowling competition to keep your students active and entertained.

Tape hopping:

Materials Needed: Duct tape

In this kindergarten game, engage your students in a simple game using duct tape. Create both small and big blocks on the floor with the tape. Instruct your students to cross the blocked pathway without touching the tape with their feet. This prompts them to hop around the class, adding a playful challenge to the activity.

Cross the obstacle course:

Materials Needed: Hula hoops, chairs, blankets, exercise balls, or any objects for obstacles

This kindergarten game is incredibly simple and perfect for kindergartners. Utilize various objects like hula hoops, chairs, blankets, or exercise balls to craft a challenging obstacle course inside your classroom.

As your students navigate between hula hoops, climb chairs, and crawl beneath blankets, it not only provides a fun experience but also serves as an effective exercise to tire them out for a well-deserved nap.

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6 Sensory Activities for Kindergartners

games for kindergarten

Stop the Bus:

Material Needed: Paper

In this kindergarten game, divide your class into teams and provide each team with a paper containing headings like “name,” “place,” “animal,” and “thing.” You can customize the template to align with the topics you’re currently exploring.

Randomly select a letter from the alphabet and challenge your students to swiftly jot down one item in each category that begins with that letter. The first team to finish their table should enthusiastically shout, “Stop the bus,” and they’ll be crowned the winners!

Blow bubbles:

Materials Needed: Dish soap and straw

This kindergarten game is for students who may benefit from sensory activities, try incorporating a bubble-blowing game to promote calmness. Dissolve dish soap on a plate and provide each student with a straw to blow bubbles.

To enhance the sensory experience, consider adding different colors to the bubble mixtures, stimulating their visual senses.

Color matching activity:

Materials Needed: Colorful balloons

In this kindergarten game, ease your sensory-disordered students by engaging in a balloon-focused activity. Inflate colorful balloons to create a relaxing environment. Then, encourage them to identify matching colored balloons.

Hold up a balloon of a specific color, like yellow, and ask the students to find a balloon of the same color. This indoor classroom game serves as an effective means to enhance their visual senses.

Suck it up:

Materials Needed: Straws and soft toys

In this kindergarten game, enhance the oral senses of your kindergarten students with this engaging indoor classroom game.

Scatter small soft toys around the class and instruct your students to pick up the toys by sucking them through a straw. This activity not only boosts oral senses but also contributes to the development of muscular strength in your students.

Shaving cream finger painting:

Materials Needed: Shaving cream and watercolors

In this kindergarten game, enhance tactile senses in your students with a shaving cream finger painting game.

Mix various colors into shaving cream and distribute it to your students. Allow them to dip their fingers into different colors and paint. This activity not only improves their tactile senses but also contributes to the enhancement of their visual senses.

Salt art:

Materials Needed: Loads of salt

In this kindergarten game, create a sensory activity by spreading salt on a large plate and instructing your students to draw various letters, shapes, or numbers on it.

As students trace the salt with their fingers and create different designs, they engage their senses, fostering a better connection with their feelings.

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5 Online Learning Kindergarten Games For Classrooms

 Online Games for Kindergarten

Scavenger hunt:

Materials Needed: Video calling software

In this kindergarten game, conducting a virtual kindergarten classroom presents challenges in maintaining engagement through a screen.

Yet, you can spice up the learning experience and add some fun by organizing a scavenger hunt. For instance, call out a color name and instruct students to find an item of that color in their homes.

Shared story:

Materials Needed: Video calling software

In this kindergarten game, elevate the virtual classroom experience with this engaging game involving the entire class. Provide a prompt to your students and challenge them to collectively craft a story around it.

Take a picture:

Materials Needed: A smartphone

This kindergarten game encourages creativity and emotional understanding with this game. Assign a theme such as happiness, anger, sadness, etc., and instruct students to use their parents’ smartphones to capture a picture that aligns with the theme.

Share these images with the class to foster creativity and deepen the student’s comprehension of various emotions.

Fun debates:

Materials Needed: Video calling software

In this kindergarten game, engage your students in the art of expression through a virtual debate. Opt for lighthearted topics suitable for kindergarten students, such as Superman vs. Spider-Man or pizza vs. pasta. This activity not only enhances their communication skills but also makes learning a delightful experience.

Play and Learn for Free with Kindergarten Games

Kids in kindergarten are curious and love learning about the world. We made lots of kindergarten games just for them! Our games make learning fun and meaningful.

These interactive kindergarten games cover a wide range of topics, helping kids learn the basics of concepts and math.

In no time, your child can read, tell time, solve simple math problems, explore the environment, and much more. Start exploring Turtle Diary’s kindergarten games for a great learning experience!


In conclusion, bringing the joy of learning and play into the kindergarten classroom is essential for fostering a positive and engaging educational environment. The 35 indoor kindergarten games highlighted in this blog provide a rich tapestry of activities, from boosting foundational skills to encouraging teamwork and creativity.

These kindergarten games not only make learning enjoyable for our little ones but also contribute to their overall development. As educators and teachers, let’s continue to embrace the power of play and make every moment in the kindergarten classroom a source of both fun and valuable learning experiences for our young learners. Here’s to a classroom filled with laughter, curiosity, and boundless growth!