how to teach your child animals name

How to teach your child animals name

Often you wonder how to make your child memorize animals’ names. It is a tough job. However, everything can be made easy from the visual aspect. Psychologically, it is proved that visualizing things makes us learn better than rote learning. As well as a fun way always helps a child with studies. Moreover, a child going through the developing phase is curious. They tend to categorize everything they contact. Thus, kids are really fascinated by animals.


We have gathered some fun ways your child can learn the names of animals easily.


Kids often get attracted to the sounds of animals. You could have heard your kid say meow or woof. Hence, showing your child a picture of an animal and making them hear sound will increase their ability to remember the animal’s sound and picture. It takes a little time to play sound games with your preschoolers. Hearing is an important way of learning as well.


Kids memorize better if shown a picture and asked questions. Simply make your child play creative card games. For instance, match the cards or find where is the dog. These ideas can make your child memorize the name and picture of an animal. It is also a family-friendly activity that brings you closer to your little one.


Trips aren’t only for fun. They can be used very productively in education. You can take your family on trips on weekends. Notice how your child remembers animals’ names well. It is proved in theories that encountering things leaves a strong impact rather than learning and writing them off books or else even looking in videos. Thus, your child is more likely to remember how an elephant looked, how they had ridden on the horse instead of what book pages said.


Sometimes you notice how a song gets stuck in your head. Maybe you heard it once but it gets fixed in your mind for time being. In the same way, making songs of animals names and sounds can help your child learn the name better. Since every child gets attracted to noise and music. Your child will also be attracted to listen to music. It is a small productive way that can make your child memorize the names for a long time.

Good luck !!! teaching your child animals name in a fun and creative way.



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