How to Teach New English Vocabulary without Worksheets?

Teaching new English words requires patience and courage to let your child absorb and understand the meaning behind the new terms. Studies have shown that students need to encounter 10 to 16 to learn a new phrase effectively. It acquires implementing the right strategies to teach the new English vocabulary to kids. 

Since no children like to learn spelling in worksheets, you need to find various ways to keep your child engaged and discover more new words. The changes in education have led to digital learning in which educational apps have made it easier for kids to learn spelling without using paper-based lessons and materials. These educational apps help kids boost their confidence in English vocabulary kids. 

If your child struggles to learn and absorb new words, there are different ways to teach your child how to learn new English phrases. These methods will help your child to engage in new terms and remember well in the later stages of education. That way, your child will discover and engage in learning vocabulary quickly.

Reading Books:

Reading books is the best way to teach your child to pick up new words on the go. The right choice of books will help your child to grasp new words and gain knowledge of the meaning behind these phrases. If your child has a specific type of book to read, this is one of the most straightforward approaches to learning how to build English vocabulary to engage in a reading routine. To ensure your child learns new phrases, establish a reading routine and allow your child to read different types of books rather than a specific genre. The more your child reads the more they learn new phrases and build imagination.

Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids App:

Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids app is a great tool to help your little ones learn new phrases. The top-notch features make it beneficial to learn English vocabulary kids without relying on worksheets. Since kids like to learn new words from the app, this tool will save you time from teaching phrases on printed materials. The vocabulary for kids app consists of eight terms of each alphabet to help your child pick up words on the go. 

Studio quality voiceover helps children how to pronounce each word correctly. It allows kids to learn and recognize the words and provides real-life photos to process the visual information faster. To encourage your child to understand new phrases, use this app.

Alphabet Flashcards for Kindergarten App:

Flashcards are the old-fashioned but most effective ways to teach your child to learn and memorize new English words and be able to visualize their appearance. The combination of illustrations and real-life photos will help kids better understand each word and letter. 

The app provides a distraction-free user interface where you can download the app and teach your child how to pronounce and memorize each word effectively. The sound effects help to enhance your child’s auditory learning of how each word sounds. Kids learn well if you teach the alphabet flashcards for effective memorization. 


Scrabble is one of the most entertaining games for children. Even teenagers and adults can play the game without acquiring instructions. The game consists of unlimited letters; all you have to do is teach your child to create words they know. The best part about Scrabble is that there is no win-and-lose situation in which you can teach your child to make words on the board. It will help to develop new comments and enhance further in later stages of learning. To keep your child’s learning process, purchase a Scrabble board and start creating words! 

Introduce Word of the Week:

Introducing the word of the week is an incredible way to teach preschool vocabulary words and helps to raise unfamiliar words. To do this right is to come up with a new term each day or each week and ask your child how to put that particular phrase in a sentence. Then explain the definition of the meaning behind the word in great depth. Do come up with more words once you introduce each day. To learn English vocabulary, kids are, to begin with, unfamiliar words each week, explain the meaning, and put that phrase in a sentence. Then tell your kids to pick up more words and find their meaning each week. 

Make a Word Wall:

Making a word wall is a fantastic strategy for letting your child find more words and place them on the wall. The best way to do this concept is to introduce unfamiliar words and divide them into different categories for kids to understand which word goes into which category. For example, to make a word wall to ask children to find words that match with ‘saying’. Then kids will find words that link with the phrase saying. 

Another way to do this activity is to put images of each letter and allow your child to find words that start with the same alphabet. That way, it will help your kids to enhance phonics, reading, and writing skills. To help your child how to learn vocabulary without worksheets to involve in a word wall. 

Play Hangman:

Hangman is one of the fun activities where you can help your child guess the letters to form the word. Since it has been widely used at home and in the classroom, Hangman will keep your child engaged in how letters form into words. The fun and guessing games help your child learn how to guess with the hint. There could not be a better game than playing Hangman with your child! It will save you from working on tedious worksheets. 

Word Search:

This game is an effective way to teach your child how to find words on the grid. The list of words provided helps to pick English vocabulary children and develop how to find words effectively. Once your child picks up new words, then encourage them to involve in Wordsearch and find words! The more your child finds words, the more they are willing to learn new phrases. If your child loves Wordsearch, help them find words on the grid! 

CVC 3 Letter Words App:

This app helps to teach word creation and phonics to remember how to say the words correctly and how the terms are created. The three-letter phrases are an excellent start for preschoolers to teach about absorbing short words. It makes them easy to memorize and build words quickly without boredom and saves time from printed materials. The  CVC 3 Letter Words consists of 14 categories and 84 phrases with high-quality images to boost the visual information faster. The studio-quality voiceover helps kids to know how to pronounce three-letter words fluently. The interactive animated features allow kids to engage in learning three-letter word​_

Wrap Up:

Children take time to learn and absorb new words, which require patience to understand the importance of these new vocabularies. The English vocabulary kids allow learning new phrases without relying on worksheets. These activities will help your child boost confidence and develop new words quickly. It will encourage them to recall these phrases and understand them in the later stages of learning.

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