How to make your child eat vegetables

How to make your child eat vegetables

Is your child a picky eater? Are you used to of your child pushing the plate away at the sight of broccoli? As a parent, naturally, you will feel anxious when your child says no to vegetables. Generally, we all know that veggies are extremely beneficial for our health. There are numerous ways you can make your picky eater choose healthy vegetables over junk food.

It is also possible that you and your friend could be discussing this issue today in the park. You receive millions of suggestions from your group of friends. Yes, I know its natural to follow. I, myself have thought about it. However, any misleading step can make your child dislike eating vegetables forever. Thus, it is advised not to experiment methods including ” forcing a child to eat “.

Making your child eat vegetables is a tough job. I understand your worries. We are in the same boat. Therefore,  I have jotted down some effective ways that can help you make your child eat vegetables. These successful ways helped me greatly with my kids.


Cooking isn’t only essential work. It can be made fun and a loving activity with the whole family. Plan a Sunday meal with your child in the kitchen. Furthermore, make it a healthy vegetable dish, tell your child the benefits of eating spinach or any vegetable. To tell the truth, I use this method a lot to make my child eat vegetables. Not only it is beneficial for a healthy eating routine. It also develops a really interesting habit in kids. After many days of cooking together, your child will often help you with other house chores. It might also develop a passion for cooking.


What children see is only a big boring carrot. They will instantly say no to it. There is an interesting tip to make them eat vegetables. Cut veggies in small shapes like star, circle, triangle, etc. Kids are really curious because of the developing phase they go through. If they see anything extraordinary they tend to know more about it. Hence, they would have never seen a carrot or a cabbage in a star shape. This way attracts them towards vegetables.


Kids are really stubborn. Often, we get tired of running after kids all day. Hearing their shouting, handling tantrums. It is a really hectic job when they throw a bowl of food away or when you have to chase them while holding a plate. Hence, there is a quick sneaky way to make your child eat vegetables without recognizing it. Simply, make their favorite dish, mash the vegetables in. No matter how stubborn they can be, they are really innocent and cute as well. Moreover, have you noticed how your child pushes broccoli away?  But if you say “here comes a plane !!!! ” your child is more likely to eat it, thinking its a plane that needs to land.


Research explains why some people don’t like vegetables a lot. It is because of the bitter taste. People have different tastes. That is one reason why kids avoid eating vegetables. For this reason, you can make a vegetable tasty by roasting, sauteing, etc. You can also mix them with cheese or herbs making it more delicious for your child. More importantly, check your child’s taste. Which way of cooking makes them eat more. Is it roasting, boiling, or salting?

Good luck with making your child eat vegetables.






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