5 Fun Ways to Teach Letter Writing

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Letter writing is the next big step after your kids have learned the alphabet. To navigate them through this process we have compiled fun ways to teach letter writing for your little ones. This technique works now and again at the same time, as a general rule, the youngster winds up exhausted and the guardians end up disappointed. Rather than following the standard, why not break new ground and make the errand of figuring out how to write the letter set a fun and invigorating for your kid?

5 fun ways to teach letter writing to kids:

Stage 1: Fill a letter with objects

Compose an enormous square letter on a bit of paper and have your youngster fill it with objects that start with the sound of the square letter.

For instance, A: letters in order stickers; B: catches; C: cotton balls; D: dominoes; E: eggshells; F: plumes.

Stage 2: Make a letter out of things that are awe-inspiring or straight

Have your youngster make a letter out of family questions or toys. It’s simpler, to begin with, letters with straight lines, for example, ‘An’ or ‘L’, before advancing to ‘curvier letters’, for example, ‘S’ or ‘C’. Straight letters can be made out of normal family things, for example, chopsticks, toothpicks (with the pointy tip cut off), cotton tips, squares, and so forth. Then again, the things your kid can use to make ‘surprising’ letters incorporate cooked spaghetti, playdoh, strips, string, shoelaces.

Stage 3: Use discovered things in the home

Urge your kid to make letters with little items, for example, catches, rocks, or oat.

Stage 4: Use their hands

Urge your kid to compose a letter (pick a basic one) with his finger. You could utilize finger paints, salt, flour, or hued sand in a level wooden box. Here are some progressively super-fun thoughts: whipped cream, fruit purée, pudding (yummy regardless of whether they lick their fingers!), or yogurt.

Stage 5: Connect the dots

This is by far the most effective technique for kids to learn letter writing. The dots help them navigate the shape of the alphabets.

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