7 Fun Activities to Teach Word Building for Preschoolers

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Teaching words to kids is essential in early learning, where building words provides several benefits that help them remember and learn in later stages of life. Using apps and educational tools has made it easier for parents and teachers to develop strategies to ensure fun and happy learning. Since no children like to learn through monotonous worksheets, there are fun activities that help to teach your child about word building for preschoolers.  Word building is the early stage where children will get to learn new words once they know the sequence of the ABC. If your child struggles with the ABC sequence, they will find it harder to understand how to create terms. The quick and accessible educational tools with traditional learning help children to learn word creation quicker and boost engagement in discovering to learn more new words. Once your children learn about word creation and the alphabet, they will build confidence in how letters form into terms.  These fun activities and apps will help your child develop word building for preschoolers, ensure an early start of word creation, and increase engagement in further learning. 

Letter Blocks:

Letter blocks are the best ways to teach your child about building English vocabulary, where your child will develop how to structure letters into words. There are countless wooden blocks in different sizes and appearances that you can buy and start building words for your child. To do this effectively:

  1. Write down three-letter phrases and ask your kid to collect those certain letters to make a word.
  2. Continue with more complex terms once your child has learned three-letter words.
  3. When using letter blocks for your children, introduce different topics such as flowers, animals, colors, and many more.

The more your child begins word creation, the more they will develop and pick up new words on the go. 

Magnetic Letters:

Magnetic letters are another incredible way to train word-building for preschoolers. If you have magnetic letters around the house, this is one of the most accessible activities to engage your child in word creation. Since kids are exposed to capital letters before school, it is recommended to purchase lowercase letters for easy understanding. To involve your child in learning simple terms, go for magnetic letters and say the word aloud, then help your child put the letters on the fridge. 

Reading Books:

Reading books is the best strategy to explore imagination, nourish your child’s knowledge, and pick up words they have never heard before. Once your child gets into the habit of reading books, they will enjoy the explore the imagination of learning words and building healthy brain development. To encourage reading, take your child to the nearest library and pick out picture books for more incredible engagement. If your child likes a particular genre to read, this is the best way to save endless hours on finding the right book for your child. To involve preschool vocabulary words is to encourage your child to read books. 

CVC 3-Letter Words:

CVC 3-Letter Words are a quick way to build CVC words for kids. The learning app provides a quick tool where you do not need to rely on worksheets. The accessible features will help your child to engage and build three-letter phrases. The unlimited number of words allows your child to make words without struggle and provides attractive animation for a fun learning routine. The high-quality images and studio-quality voiceover help your kid how to pronounce the words correctly and build confidence in learning the words effectively. Download the app and begin word creation to encourage your child in word creation! 

Words Train App:

Words Train app is another fantastic educational tool where fun brings your child to remove boredom and helps to develop word building without worksheets. The app provides little or no instructions. This tool makes an excellent and quick way to grow your child’s learning in word building for preschoolers. The educational learning app begins with three-letter terms and works up to seven-letter phrases. Standout images and studio-quality voiceovers help your child boost confidence, develop unfamiliar words, and apply them in further learning. The drag-and-drop function provides an easy user interface and undistracted learning. 

Introduce the Word of the Day:

Introducing the word of the day is a great idea to train your child to pick up a phrase each day. This strategy has widely been used in school, and parents and siblings carry out this activity. To carry out this effectively, involve a few tricks and ask your child what a specific word is. For instance, if you want to introduce a new term that belongs in the animal category, then give a few descriptions to let your child guess the phrase. If introducing new words seems inconvenient, you can pick up new words weekly for a better learning routine. 

Have a Conversation with your Child?

Proper communication with your child is crucial in saving them from isolation. It helps enhance social skills and helps begin a conversation in the classroom quickly. Once you start a proper conversation with your kid, they will find it easier to understand the language, which helps them to learn words better. To understand the English language better, begin the everyday conversation and allow your child to speak and correct them as they go along. 

Magazine letters:

Cutting out letters from magazines is the most popular activity in school, where kids find letters from magazines and form words. It is an old-fashioned but engaging way to involve your child with three-letter words for preschoolers. To do this activity requires care and attention when handling scissors and glue. All you have to do is to take out pages from the magazine and ask your child to cut out letters from different carriers. Then stick the notes onto the paper to create words. To plan a fun weekend activity, rip out pages from the magazine and start cutting out letters! 

Label Items around the House:

Labeling items around the house is an excellent way to allow your kids to memorize words and find objects in place. Whether indoors or outdoors, labeling objects helps kids identify the things and remember the names. One way to do this is to tell your child to find a specific object in the house and label it with a marker. The more your child identifies items, the more they will remember their names and create words. 


Playing Scrabble is a great way to help your little ones create words on the board. This game helps your child to gain confidence in word creation and pick up unfamiliar terms. If your child loves to play Scrabble, this is the best activity to engage in word creation! 

Wrap Up: 

Word creation is essential in learning at a young age, where building words allows kids to expand their vocabulary and apply it in further learning. These strategies of word building for preschoolers help kids to learn and pick up words without working on printed worksheets. Once your child learns new words, they will find it easier to express later in life.

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