Alphabet Letter Identification Test – Early Literacy Assessment Tool

alphabet identification assessment free

What thoughts does your toddler have about letters? Can they distinguish specific letters? While studies suggest that toddlers need not know all letter names before engaging with books, understanding letters enhances their communication skills. Recognizing and quickly identifying crucial letters aids in associating sounds with the correct letters when decoding words. Alphabet Letter Identification Assessment […]

Building Vocabulary: Kindergarten Words that Start with A

words start with letter a for kindergarten

Helping kids with kindergarten words is the best way to learn letters for healthy development. However, you might wonder how to show these alphabets to preschoolers and plan out various strategies to ensure effective learning. Some kids are quick to learn letters, and others take time to absorb the alphabet and require repetition to correct […]

Mastering the Basics: How to Write Alphabet Letters Correctly?

Is there a right way to write the alphabet?

A standard desire in instruction is that kindergartners know how to write alphabet letters. Exploration shows that writing is a fundamental aptitude that can impact kids’ reading, composing, language use, and basic reasoning. It has a significant job on mental health. It is important to close by innovation in the study hall and advances in […]

How to teach three letter words to Kindergarten and Toddlers? (with Pictures)

how to teach 3 letter words to kindergarten

Beginning with 3 letter words is incredibly tricky! You must lay the foundation of the right concept for your kids to understand and build upon how to teach your child the three-letter phrases! Since children pick up short words quickly while others take time to absorb and process to learn words quickly.  If your child […]

After ABC: The Pathway to Phonics, Spelling, and Reading

what to learn after alphabet

Are you struggling with what to teach after the alphabet? Suppose you are stuck with what strategies to implement after your child has learned the ABC. In that case, there are various ways to encourage your child to ensure an effective learning routine. The changes in education have led to many adaptations of digital learning […]

6 Best ABC Kids Apps in 2024

Best ABC Kids Apps in 2024

Educational apps play a crucial role in children’s learning and development. When it comes to teaching the alphabet to young learners, ABC Kids apps offer an interactive and engaging way to introduce letters, phonics, and vocabulary. These apps are designed to make learning enjoyable while helping kids grasp foundational literacy skills. Here are six of […]

Why A for words are the First Step?

Learning the words of each letter is as important as building the vocabulary to enhance reading, writing, and speaking at the kindergarten level. The importance of knowing A for words is the initial stage of learning the English language to learn how to read and write. It will help children learn how to pick up […]

How To Holiday With Kindergarten Kids

Children are getting hectic day by day. In kindergarten kids, anxiety kicks in much quicker as they are new to a daily routine of interactions, and now it is shut down. We at Holiday Educationist will explain how to holiday with kindergarten kids! There are so many fun activities that enhance your child’s thinking skills. […]

How to Find A words for Kids?

There are numerous ways to deal with finding words when teaching, important spelling exercises. Figuring out how to spell a word at an early age can be an antecedent to progress. To set your little students up for progress, consider breaking the letter set separated and presenting new words, letter by letter. Beneath, you’ll discover […]

Alphabet exercises for Preschoolers

Is your preschooler more interested in physical activities rather than sitting and studying? You are thinking about how can you make your child study or you could be wondering why preschoolers behave this way. Your worries and questions have been answered by us. Also, we have discovered an effective alphabet exercise game which is highly […]