Alphabet exercises for Preschoolers

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Is your preschooler more interested in physical activities rather than sitting and studying? You are thinking about how can you make your child study or you could be wondering why preschoolers behave this way. Your worries and questions have been answered by us. Also, we have discovered an effective alphabet exercise game which is highly recommended.   Many preschoolers find difficulty in restraining themselves. Naturally, it is a developing phase they are going through. Some children find watching television more interesting. Others may like physical games or any kind of activity which attracts them. You can make your child learn alphabets through some fun alphabet exercises.

Alphabet Exercises:

Physical fitness is an important factor contributing to child health. Not only it keeps them fresh, but it also makes a child mentally well. A Latin phrase says, “A healthy body is a healthy mind “. We have compiled some fun alphabet exercises that you also can enjoy with your child.

Alphabet On Stair Exercise:

Write down the alphabets on the stairs with colored chalks. Ask your child to step on each alphabet as you call it out. This alphabet exercise doesn’t only help your child recognize the shape of the alphabet. In fact, it also makes them learn the sound of each alphabet. It’s a simple but really effective way. You can also spend some family time with your child which brings the family closer.

Football With Alphabets:

Mark the football goal with alphabets on small chart papers and ask your child to kick the ball. You will ask your child to “aim at A” your child will automatically know to kick the ball towards goal “A”. Moreover, a child will develop an interest in football and might join football clubs in the future. Hence, it develops sports like football as a hobby as well as it is an alphabet exercise.

Alphabet Exercise Through Indoor Game:

Often studies tell us that playing outdoors is necessary. However, it is noted that in some cases even going outside to play or any physical activity is a challenge for some children. Now you can make alphabet exercise a fun play activity which is a perfect way to help your child learn while benefitting their health. For instance, we have introduced the alphabet exercise game down below :

  • catch the ball: you can throw the ball to your kid while saying the alphabet out loud. Your child will be tempted to repeat after you as well as its good exercise for arms.
  • hide and seek exercise: it’s a simple game that brings the family together also it makes them learn while you make them find the alphabets in order.

Now you can make your child learn easily with alphabet exercise as well as keeping their physical health in check.