5 Best Ways To Craft Learning Shapes Worksheets

Teaching shapes is a fun activity for kids because for once they don’t have to deal with boring numbers or alphabets. It is more of searching for the correct match type activity. Once your kid excels in recognizing the shapes from their dedicated book or flashcard app. Its time to put their knowledge to test. That is why today we are going to help you craft learning shapes worksheets for your young ones.

1. Search for shapes in a box.

Cut out shapes for your kid in a box and ask them to pull out the shape once you say the name. Or, you can ask them to pull out each shape and say its name. Reward your kid for each correct answer

2. Sort the shapes.

In this game, ask your kid to sort each learned shape in a

3. The Shape Detective.

In this game, ask your kid to find ht learned shapes in their surroundings.

4. The Floor is Lava Shapes.

5. The Shape Game.

A Little gift.

Now that we have compiled some learning shape worksheets for kids, here is a small gift to help your child learn shapes easily. Available for free for IOS and Android.


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