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Word Train- Spelling for Kids

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Word Train- Spelling for Kids

Word Train Spelling for Kids is an accessible educational tool where the app helps kids learn and improve spelling on the go. The convenience and accessibility allow a quick way to teach your kids on learning spelling and a pleasant method designed for kindergarten levels from 3 to 6 years. 

The aim of this app helps kids to learn and remember the spelling starting from the basic phrases. The uninterrupted content brings a mixture of fun and education where your child will learn the spelling and build greater confidence in getting to know and learn new words. The Word Train Spelling for Kids provides interactive and beautiful content where your child will enjoy a quick way to learn spelling without disengagement. 

The minimal instructions help kids to memorize and gain confidence in mastering spelling in further education. It saves time from carrying out spelling tests without relying on boring worksheets. Since no children like to conduct spelling tests without fun, the Word Train Spelling for Kids provides all the interaction needed for your child to learn and understand word building. It aids in keeping your child occupied during the day in a complete tool.

Why Should you Download the Train Spelling App?

The app will help your child to learn spelling by comprising brilliant illustrations and real-life photos to increase the understanding of how the words form. It helps your child to boost content engagement and be able to learn and be able to recognize and pronounce the words correctly. 

The undistracted user interface saves from adverts and allows your child to utilize the app without any interruptions. The drag-and-drop function makes it easy to let your child drag letters onto the train wagon to form a word. It saves the tedious process of how to carry out the task effectively and provides limited instruction for a user-friendly learning tool.  

The accessible settings make a beneficial use to download the app by letting your child adjust the volume, change fonts, and other options to let your child enjoy learning. The reward system helps your child to check how far the child progressed and what needs to improve to ace better in spelling. Multiple levels allow your child to set the desired level to begin word creation. 

For motivation and encouragement, the app provides animations to keep your child interactive and increase engagement in learning. It helps to process visual learning faster and provides a quick learning tool to learn how to pronounce and remember the words on the go. The kindergarten level makes learning easy at home or in the classroom.

How Word Train Spelling for Kids gives Motivation and Encouragement?

Inspiration and consolation are the aspects your child needs complete attention for an engaging learning capacity. The Words Train app provides a quick learning tool to teach your child about word creation and pronunciation at a young age. If your child struggles to learn to spell, they will have trouble mastering further knowledge. The app saves the hassle of giving simple steps on word building. 

The little accomplishments help kids to memorize the words and achieve rewards without learning spelling from worksheets. It makes one of the most accessible tools where you can teach your kids how to improve spelling and build confidence in remembering words. Once you download this app, it will motivate your child to master spelling in the later stages of education.

Main Features of Word Train App

  • Unlimited word creation where it begins with three-letter words and works up to seven-letter phrases 
  • Three different levels start with easy, medium, and difficult 
  • Coins reward system to reward the child once the level completes (Easy +3, Medium +4, and so forth).
  • Star removal function to detect wrong answers by evacuating the coins 
  • Studio quality voiceover 
  • Five selected fonts for readability 
  • Real-life photos and attractive animations 
  • Zero distractions for an easy user interface 
  • Selecting the level option to choose the desired level 
  • Volume control for the train and image 
  • Soft background music option 
  • The level overhauls effectively upon completing all the stars

Available to Download for Free

The app is available on Android and iOS and is free to download with in-app purchases. However, you need to purchase the app to unlock the full features and allow your child to enjoy learning how to spell and build words. Once the free version ends, you must upgrade and purchase the app to save from distracting adverts.

Download Words Train Now

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