When to Start Teaching Colors to your Toddler?

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If you are wondering when to start teaching colors the answer is at 18 months it is generally considered as the acceptable age for teaching colors. A few children gain proficiency with their hues sooner and some learn them later. When in doubt of thumb, year and a half – 2 ½ is an extraordinary age for explicitly instructing colors.

You have to consistently be looking into colors with your kid, as far as possible up to kindergarten. Make certain to utilize the shading words both when the thing (this is a blue pen, this pen is blue). It is imperative to utilize the shading word the two different ways. So your kid can more readily comprehend the idea of shading. Once your kid starts to differentiate between colors that are when your question when to start teaching colors, is actually answered.

When to Start Teaching Shapes?

The 2 years of age is an extraordinary age for instructing shapes. Start by teaching the shapes you find in your general surroundings. Your kid wants to have an essential comprehension of shapes by 2 ½ years old. Moreover, they want to have the option to recognize numerous shapes when he is 3. Start by showing the essential shapes (square, circle, square shape, triangle), at that point keep on further developed shapes (oval, star, heart, jewel).

When to Start Teaching Letters?

3 is a decent age to show letters, however, don’t pressure and constrain your toddler to learn them. Do heaps of fun things to instruct and open them to letters, yet don’t stress over it. Your kid should know their letters by kindergarten, however, there ought to be no weight before that.

When to Start Teaching Numbers?

3 is a really decent age to instruct numbers. Most parents prefer to present letters first and afterward present numbers somewhat later. I think this enables your kid to comprehend that numbers are unique in relation to letters.

I prescribe 3 as an incredible age to begin showing numbers, however simply like letters, there is no strain to learn them all quickly. Your kid ought to have the option to check up to 20 and distinguish numbers 1-10 preceding kindergarten. In the event that you do bunches of fun exercises including numbers, they ought to effortlessly have the option to do both of those things by kindergarten.

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