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Learning apps are essential for kids these days. Almost all of the curriculum is available online. Supporting education from grade 1 till 12. Not only that there are hundreds of apps dedicated to preschooler courses. These apps are designed to help parents. So that they teach kids the basics before they enter kindergarten. Today we decided to compile the Top 10 apps for kids. Our focus is primarily on preschoolers. The rest of the courses are much easier to find and freely available. However, apps for kids especially preschoolers are difficult to find.

Apps for Kids

How to choose the right learning app for kids?

We need to find the right amount of content. for the right age. Why is that so? Because we do not want tout kindergartners to be overwhelmed with an excess of information. They are not yet capable of comprehending.

Truly, we as a whole realize that, in a perfect world, little children wouldn’t require kid applications. They’d go directly from playing with carefully assembled wooden toys to doing Montessori-motivated exercises without so much as a second thought, their minds satisfied with advancement.

Be that as it may, we live in reality, and some of the time you have to make a call, clean up, or eat out at an eatery without a shouting 2-year-old requesting the entirety of your consideration. Subsequently, applications for little children.

That doesn’t imply that all the screen time must be vacant and without any instructive worth. The best applications for babies do both: engage the youngsters for a moment so you can have a break, and potentially, perhaps show them a touch of something about letters, hues, or numbers.

Top Apps for Kids:

We’ve gathered together a couple of our top choices that do only that — a considerable lot of them for nothing.  Every one of them should keep your children’s consideration long enough for you to get something — anything! — done.

Grocery Expert:

Among many first things we try to teach our children is counting forward & backward (counting with increment and decrement). To achieve this goal, kindergarten & Montessori grade teachers adapt many techniques and practices that include small interactive exercises in the form of games. These exercises indirectly store information in the children’s subconscious mind that helps them learn counting with incrementing and decrementing.

Grocery Expert is a fun activity game for kids that uses one most important and widely used techniques. It requires the kids to pick the right amount of grocery objects (fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc) in the grocery bag.

Value: Free

grocery for kids learning app

Alphabets Recognition Activity:

Among many first things we try to educate our children is the recognition of basic alphabets in their capital and small forms. The kids often don’t understand the small letters because they have already seen the alphabet in their capital forms in many places.

To overcome this problem, preschool & Montessori grade teachers adapt many techniques and practices that include small interactive exercises in the form of games.

We’ve combined the proven Four alphabet recognition activities in one app so that kindergarten teachers and parents can help their toddlers recognize the alphabet’s shape. The app is rich in features and contains interactive exercises that help the kids to be involved in the learning process. The app also contains alphabet flashcards to suit the needs of the most.

Value: Free

Alphabets Recognition Activities, ABC

PBS Kids:

This is a budget gaming application collection crafted by Curious George. Daniel Tiger, Arthur, and all the other PBS Kids characters come together for games so fun, kids won’t even realize they’re educational. The app is also constantly updated with new games, so they’ll never be bored.

Price: Free


This application utilizes stories, tests, games, and recordings to kick kids off on a way to find out about perusing, math, science, and craftsmanship. It keeps track of their advancement, as well, so you can perceive how far they’ve come.

Value: Free for 30 days, at that point, memberships start at $10/month

Elmo Loves 123s:

The collection of the IOS applications and Android applications by the Sesame Workshop are extraordinary, effectively utilizing all the Sesame Street companions helping kids do everything from learning their letters to utilizing the potty. In any case, Elmo Loves 123s is our most loved because Elmo is a perpetual child fave, and it offers charming ways for children to learn numbers.

Value: Free, however, offers in-application buys


It’s simpler than an outing to the neighborhood library — there are more than 40,000 books on this site prepared to peruse, and you can look through them by age or intrigue. You get a free 30-day preliminary, and afterward, it costs $8/month; check with your school, however, because occasionally they can set up free memberships for their study halls.

Value: Free for 30 days, at that point $8/month

Hungry Caterpillar Play School:

Children normally love The Very Hungry Caterpillar from Eric Carle’s cherished books. This application lets kids take the Caterpillar through games that tackle exceptionally fundamental math, critical thinking, and science.

Value: Free, however, offers in-application buys

Starfall ABCs:

There are a million applications that guarantee to assist kids with learning the ABCs, however, this one is sponsored by a charitable training organization. Children cooperate with letters and figure out how to make sounds and words.

Value: Free

Goodness Shapes:

User-friendly app shapes assist kids with learning hues, coordinating, and arranging in this preschool-accommodating application. You should utilize it as a de-focusing on the instrument, as well.

Value: $2


At the point when it’s the ideal opportunity for a development break, this application has recordings that get kids up and working out. The basic, follow-me recordings even have an instructive bow now and again (one of our top choices shows kids making designs). That may go over your baby’s head, yet they can in any case attempt the moves.

Value: Free

A little gift.

Available for Free on IOS and Android.