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Numbers Recognition Activity Book for Kindergarten Kids

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Numbers Recognition Activity Book for Kindergarten Kids

Among numerous first things we attempt to teach our youngsters are numbers recognition. However, The children regularly don’t adapt effectively to the distinction of numerous numbers (for example 6 and 9).

To defeat this issue, preschool and Montessori grade instructors adjust numerous strategies and practices that remember little intuitive activities for the type of games. Hence, these activities in a roundabout way store data in the kids’ sub-cognizant brain that causes them to recall the fundamental states of numbers.

We’ve joined the demonstrated 6 numbers recognition activities packaged in one application so the kindergarten educators and guardians can assist their babies with recognizing the numbers. Moreover, the application is wealthy in highlights and contains intuitive activities that encourage the children to include in the learning procedure.

There are 6 numbers recognition games, each has different levels that expanded/diminished according to the youngster’s advancement alongside Numbers Flashcards and Numbers tune.

1) Touch the Number

Touch the Number is a basic movement that shows 3 numbers and requests that the children contact the right one. Upon 5 back to back right endeavors, the level increments and the child needs to look over more and greater numbers. Moreover, the application’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) is structured cautiously after over and again rehearsing and watching conduct among numerous kids. With not many days, the standard act of this application can without much of a stretch expel all the rest of the glitches in regards to numbers.

This movement is for the children matured between 2-5 – 5 years of age kids

2) Touch and Count Ladybugs

This application is intended to be work in the children’s sub-cognizant psyche. Beginning with only 1 article, the degree of movement increments, and the children contact the items with incredible intrigue. Furthermore, this movement provides food for the children matured between 1.5 – 3 years.

By rehearsing this movement, the kid’s cerebrum amazingly remembers the checking sub-deliberately.

3 ) Count the Objects

This movement practice is more similar to a little test for the children. Especially, for those who have definitely known a touch of numbers and remembered their shapes. Thus, the child taps the correct answer, and the degree of trouble increments steadily.

4) Drag and Match Numbers

It is a straightforward movement that gives comparable numbers to drag and match. Moreover, beginning from 2 sets of numbers, the action increment in trouble as the child advances through. Not just that, the application energizes the children and propels them to endeavor more. Moreover, it’s consistently a great movement for children to drag and match the items.

5) Numbers Flashcards

The study uncovers that the children handle data well before they begin to talk.

6) Numbers Song

It’s a lovely musical melody that keeps the children intrigued. Children play the tune over and again and therefore they recall the fundamental counting 0 – 20 with the assistance of separated reiteration procedure. That is why we at Holiday Educationists have a group of prepared and confirmed instructors installed to counsel and edit the applications’ substance for the ideal quality affirmation. Furthermore, our applications are without given to download to assessment. Generously pause for a minute to compose a little survey. Your support encourages us to create better applications.


Available on IOS and Android.

Download Numbers Activity Book Now

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