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Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

123 Number Math Learning Games
Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

123 Number Math Learning Games

Developed school education systems use many techniques and practices to enforce the numbers recognition and counting sequence. These practices include small interactive exercises in the form of games. These exercises sub-consciously teaches basic numbers and counting in a fun to learn methodology.

We’ve combined the 6 proven techniques (Number recognition activities) bundled in one app so the parents and teachers can help their young ones in early stages. The app is rich in features and contains interactive exercises that helps to involve in the learning process while playing.

The names and a brief introduction of the activities are as follows.

▪ Numbers Flashcards (1-100)
▪ Touch the Number
▪ Catch the Ladybugs
▪ Touch the Crabs
▪ Count the Objects
▪ Drag & Match Numbers

1) Touch the Number

Touch the Number is a simple activity that initially displays 3 numbers and asks the kids to touch the correct one. Upon 5 consecutive correct attempts, the level increases and the kid has to choose from more and bigger numbers.

The app’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) is designed carefully after repeatedly practicing and observing behaviour from different age groups.

2) Catch the Ladybugs

The idea behind this activity is to reinforcing the current COUNT of the touched ladybugs. This activity starts with 3 ladybugs which are running around. The user is supposed to touch (catch) them. Over successful catches, the number of ladybugs increases to a moderate level. The ladybugs also goes off screen, so the anticipation and curiosity helps to reinforce the count.

3) Touch the Crabs
This activity is absolutely similar to the ladybugs except it presents animated crabs. Both objects (ladybugs and crabs) are considered to grab the attention. Both activities reinforce counting.

4 ) Count the Objects
This activity is a small quiz. It presents a number of different objects and gives four options to choose their total count. When the object is touched, it transforms into its current count. This small quiz actively teaches the difference of numbers and counting.

5) Drag & Match Numbers
This activity provides numbers in pairs to drag and match. To make it a bit easier or challenging, the pairs can be assigned similar or different colours. The numbers can also be displayed in a row or distributed randomly to find on the screen. It is always a fun activity for youngsters to drag and match the objects.

6) Flashcards
Flashcard uses spaced repetition technique and promotes the mental process of active recall. The flashcards are proven valuable. This technique performs well if Flashcards are displayed in a sequence. We have provided some very useful settings to change the colours and fonts to make them suitable for one’s needs.

The app is fairly customisable to suite the need for the individual preference. Several Fonts suitable for early education are bundled to use as per the requirement.

It is a must have educational app which is provided Free with limited functionality for evaluation. It contains advertisement and some functionalities can be used temporarily by watching Ads. However we strongly recommend that you practice the ads-free complete app. The app can be unlocked with a one time In-App Purchase

The app is ideal to be practiced in the classroom and is equally beneficial to be practiced in the home. It is designed to consumes the least possible amount of disk space, thus can be kept in the device for as long as required.

We develop, proof-read the content and test our apps by involving several experienced teachers. We also perform usage tests with different age groups for the optimum quality assurance.

There is a great effort put in to produce this app. We thank you for your interest to download and evaluate it. We look forward for your input to make the app even better. Please consider supporting us by rating the app and writing a small review. It really helps us to produce new and better apps.

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