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Number Recognition-123 Number Math Learning Games

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Number Recognition-123 Number Math Learning Games

Learning numbers are as essential as learning letters at the preschool level. Enforcing to recognize numbers has made it easier and more accessible. The number recognition app provides a complete function to keep your child engaged. Various exercises allow kids to learn numbers without relying on tedious worksheets. 

The interactive activities come all-in-one educational app where it is applicable at all kindergarten levels. The rich features and accessible exercises provide accessibility and convenience where kids can learn to recognize numbers on the go. These six exercises will boost your child’s confidence and help identify the numbers with fun and interaction. 

The app is designed for the preschool level and is suitable for 2 to 4. The quick learning process saves time from printed exercises and access fun activities for a busy learning routine.

Number Recognition Games for Kindergarten

The six activities help kids recognize numbers and perform different exercises to build cognitive skills. The exercises are: 

  • Number Flashcards (1-100)
  • Touch the Number 
  • Count the Objects
  • Catch the Ladybugs 
  • Drag & Match Numbers 
  • Touch the Crabs

1) Number Flashcards (1-100)

Flashcard uses the spaced repetition technique and promotes the mental process of active recall. The number flashcards are a helpful asset for teaching kids about memorizing numbers. Expose your kid to limited information and let them absorb it slowly. Repetitive exposure helps to strengthen their memory and makes it easier to remember. The app provides handy settings to change the colors and fonts to make them suitable for your child’s needs. The numbers are readable that fit on the devices’ screen. 

2) Touch the Numbers 

Touch the Numbers are an easy activity in which this exercise helps kids to touch the numbers provided. The task displays three digits, and the child has to find the right one. Once the child completes five attempts, they move on to the next level, which becomes more challenging and provides more significant digits. Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for kids to touch numbers quickly.

3) Count the Objects 

Count the Objects is an easy and quick activity that provides different objects and gives four options to choose the correct number. It begins with the most accessible level and continues to become more complicated when more things are introduced. This activity aims to allow children to recognize numbers and gain confidence in counting skills. 

4) Catch the Ladybugs 

The idea behind this activity is to reinforce the current COUNT of the touched ladybugs. Hence, this activity starts with three ladybugs running around the screen. All your child has to do is catch the particular number of ladybugs provided. Over successful catches, the number of ladybugs increases to medium to more complex levels. The ladybugs also go off-screen, so the anticipation and curiosity help to reinforce the count.

5) Drag & Match Numbers

This activity provides numbers in pairs to drag and match. The numbers provided in teams that your kid has to do to carry and reach the corresponding number. The number appears in a row or is displayed randomly. Once kids complete the easy level, they move on to a more complex level. It begins with single numbers and goes up to two and three-digit numbers. 

6) Touch the Crabs 

Touch the Crabs is similar to ladybugs, except the objects are crabs rather than ladybugs. Your child has to touch and count the crabs on the screen. It will help to enhance your child’s counting skills and help them recognize the number of crabs on the device.

Why use Number Recognition Games App?

The Number Recognition app provides a complete solution to teach your child how to recognize and recall numbers in later stages. The app has made it easy and accessible by making it completely customizable to make your child’s learning enjoyable.

The least distracting user interface makes an ideal use for kids to learn numbers without facing interrupted adverts and other content. The easy navigation helps children to complete different activities without any hassle. 

For readability, the app provides essential fonts and colors to set the desired fonts and colors for an easy learning routine. It is a must-have educational tool ideal for school and at home! The interactive content allows your child to enjoy learning numbers on the go.

Available for Free

The app is available for free on IOS and Android with in-app purchases. You need to buy the app to unlock the rest of the features.

Download Numbers Activity Book Now

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