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Math Worksheets for Kids  – Math Love

Download Math Worksheets Now

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Math Worksheets for Kids – Math Love

In early grade classes (Nursery, prep, Grade 1 – 5), maths practice worksheets are printed and used in the classrooms for kid’s basic maths practice. Teachers from around the globe adapt this technique to practice addition and subtraction for their students. These math worksheets does a great job for them. Kids find it fun and interesting and gets engaged in the education.

It is however a repetitive task to print unique sheets for different students and check their results one by one. Particularly for a teacher who is dealing a class of around 20+ students.

(Math worksheets) is an app that serves as a modern solution for math practice worksheets. It caters for addition and subtraction practice for 4-10 years of kids. Besides having some excellent features, it is far more convenient, accurate and eco-friendly as compared to the traditional printed papers.

The app is split in multiple levels (L1 – L7) ranging for very early graders to fairly expert students (4-10 years). Levels are programmed to automatically progressed and recessed along with the kid’s success. Alternatively any level can be chosen manually and can also be locked from progression or recession for practicing on a specific level. This is facilitated to avoid playing a higher level accidentally and to keep the young ones motivated.

The questions are generated randomly so that the kids almost always find a different question except for the first level which is limited to initial digits. The question matrix starts from easy 2 digit calculation and grows up to a grid of 5×7 (5 columns & 7 rows).

Math Worksheets Features

Several controls are provided in the settings to suit the needs for the most. These controls can be easily accessible and can be changed on the go. Here are some key features.

– Level Lock : Specify any level your kid’s practice
– Make Carry forward Compulsory or optional
– Hint to highlight the mistake: The answer can be marked wrong as a whole or highlight the mistake
– Native and studio quality motivational voiceovers
– Available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian).
– White vs Colourful & Animated background (psychologically involves the kids in the education)
– 3 Background Music with volume control to control the ambience in various situations.
– Greyscale vs Colourful input buttons
– Last used settings are saved automatically.

* All the Levels can be unlocked by attaining the coins mentioned within the app *

It is the best maths practice app available for teachers and parents to teach the addition and subtraction to the kids. The interface is neat, clean and very less distracting. In fact, at the time of writing this, it is the ONLY app for maths practice sheets that can be used in the classroom.

The app is primarily targeted for Nursery to 2nd grade kids and it is very useful app to be practiced in these (nursery, prep, grade1 & grade2 classes).

The app is highly recommended for the education of two age groups (4 – 6 years & 6 – 8 years aged kids). Optionally the 8-10 years age group kids can also get benefit to fasten their calculation speed. The app testing shows that even senior students tends to challenge themselves using this app.

The kids can get used to of the app with the help of very little or no help at all.

Download Math Worksheets

Download on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Google Play (Android based phones and tablets)

Download Math Worksheets Now

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