English Word List-ABC -Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

English Word List-ABC -Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids

English Word List goes on and on! If you try to teach them all. No wait, that just sounds scary and impossible. Why do I think so? Because even at the age of 65 we learn s new word. We learn a new word every day. You can’t just pile them all up! Put them in a juicer and make your kid gulp it down. Even you can’t do it! I can’t do it either hahaha!

We understand this. That is why we compiled our English word list app to help our kids and you! This app truly makes it a lot easier. You’ll see why! Just read this or watch the video! Or just download the app! It’s free!

English Word List-ABC-Alphabet Vocabulary with Pictures!

8 Words with pictures! the capital and small letter! EVERY POINT we got it covered!

English Word List-ABC-Alphabet Vocabulary with Sounds!

Tap the letter and your kid will immediately hear the correct way to learn it!

English Word List-ABC-Alphabet Vocabulary Song!

Our app isn’t just in English! We cover our services in 6 languages and we are still expanding! Please support us by downloading and your kids will have a chance to learn so many more languages!

English Word List-ABC-Alphabet Vocabulary Words!

Sharpen your kid’s IQ! Yes, these games help them with learning new stuff!

English Word List-ABC with Sound Effects!

We have picked the most extreme items for every letter in order letter that creates an intriguing sound. (for example Vehicle, emergency vehicle, gorilla, and so on). Henceforth, these audio effects make a fascination that keeps the children associated with finding out about those words.

The application is stuffed with numerous alternatives to change the textual styles, turn on/off the ambient melodies, and a cheat sheet mode to show the pictures at scale.

Start to finish Vocabulary for 2 to 3-year kids

The application is painstakingly made to instruct start to finish jargon for 2-year-old to 3-year-old children. Besides, we guaranteed that the jargon words are effectively reasonable and fascinating enough for 2 to 3-year-old children.

The application is a finished bundle that presents letters in order letters with related words that have pictures and sounds.

Preschool and Homeschooling

Letters in order jargon book is a standout amongst other applications for preschool and self-teaching. Effectively download the application!

Download on your telephone/tablet.

Push on the Apple/Android Button (Just beneath the application symbol button) If you are utilizing iPhone, press the apple button, in the event that you are utilizing an Android telephone with Google Play store, press the Android button.

Snap-on the download button. In the event that you are not right now utilizing your telephone or tablet, check the QR code with the gadget you need to introduce on and it will take you to the item page.

  • Introduce it on Microsoft Windows
  • For Microsoft Windows, a Microsoft Store symbol appears. Snap-on it and press download.
  • It will divert you to the Microsoft Store where you can download the application soon after marking into their Microsoft account.
  • Key Features
  • Up to 8 jargon words for each letter *
  • Items Sound Effects
  • Four painstakingly chose Fonts for remembering letters in order’s shapes
  • In iOS, this application is accessible in five distinct dialects.
  • Zero interruption of any UI controls
  • Painstakingly chose hues
  • Delicate mood melodies choice
  • Top-notch content for retina show
  • Swipe left/right motion to explore between letters

* The application is accessible in different dialects (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian) and a portion of these dialects have lesser words that fall into explicit letter set letters.

Available for free on IOS and Android.

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

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