• Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Colorful ABC English Alphabet Flashcards for kids
English Alphabet for Kindergarten Kids

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English Alphabet for Kindergarten Kids

The study uncovers that kids observe and learn before they begin talking. Learning the English language has made it easier than ever before! Holiday Educationist has designed the English Alphabet app where a tool that consists of top-notch features to keep learning fun and interactive. The Colorful ABC app designs are perfect for an accessible and hassle-free educational tool. 

Kids are quick to absorb and pick up information in their surroundings. The English alphabet tool has colorful features and stands out with undistracted data. It makes a decent learning method to ensure a quick and accessible educational tool. The app is applicable for kindergarten level and ideal for starting from 8 months to 2 years old.

English Alphabet Learning Tool

The learning tool has made it convenient and accessible for your child to learn the letter flashcards without worries. The universal use makes it applicable for accessing in the comfort of their homes or the classroom. The 26 letters make it readable by having eye-catching colors and availing capital and lowercase letters for better recognition. The carefully chosen colors make it a child-friendly app where no color will distract your child’s early learning routine. It strikes your child’s attention in wanting to learn more about the letters. 

The user-friendly interface makes an incredible tool as it saves undistracted content during use. Your child will not feel irritated as it has zero interruptions of any user interface controls! Carefully chosen fonts and three voiceover options help children to read and learn the pronunciation of the letters quickly. It saves the hassle of learning the alphabet with printed flashcards. 

The ease of navigation makes it easy for children to swipe the letters from left to right and change from capital to lowercase for greater recognition. The ease of accessibility allows kids to learn the English alphabet without extra navigation and keeps kids engaged in absorbing the digital flashcards. It saves the confusion for demonstrating between capital and small notes as the two formats display separately.

Kids love the English Alphabet Game. Why?

The ABC English alphabet app provides readability and accessibility where your kids will enjoy learning the early stages of the alphabet. The oversized capital and lowercase letters fit all screen devices. Whether you use a tablet or your phone, your child will not have to deal with reading and memorizing the notes as alphabet size fits any device. It makes it easy to read without acquiring to zoom in on each letter. 

The background color options and three ABC songs help children to boost their confidence and increase learning on the go. The three ABC songs will help your child choose the song and sing along with the alphabet sequence. Once your child sings along, they will enjoy the user interface and settings! The carefully-structured order makes it easy to read. It gains a better understanding of the basics of ABC. 

The colorful and high-definition content makes an engaging use for digital learning where kids can learn the alphabet without harm. The retina display makes it safe for kids to utilize the app without causing eyestrain. The ambiance of the tool makes one of the reasons to use the app and keep your child engaged. It adds extra enjoyment and saves from boredom. 

Children love to use this app as it provides no instructions that make it easy to learn at a young age.

Key Features of the English Alphabet Flash Card App

  • Choice of Font for retaining letters 
  • Zero interruption of any UI controls
  • Kid-friendly colors
  • Capital and small letters
  • Delicate ambient sounds alternative
  • Shading trade alternative for letters
  • Oversized capital and lowercase letters fit on all screen devices
  • 3 Voiceovers for letters and alphabet sequence 
  • ABC letter sets sheet with 3 ABC Songs
  • Top-quality substance for retina show
  • Swipe left/right signal to explore between letters

Available on Android and iOS

The English Alphabet Flashcards are available on Android and iOS and are free with in-app purchases. Once you download this app, you need to upgrade to the premium version to unlock more features for interrupted and enjoyable learning.

Download Colorful ABC Now

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