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Cool Math Games for Kids

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Cool Math Games for Kids

Cool Math Games is an educational math puzzle app primarily made for 5 years to all ages. The app automatically generates a simple math question and expects the user to estimate the missing number(s).

Cool Math Games

1. Calculate the Following
2. How do we make Numbers

1) Calculate the Following

Generates a very simple question and asks the user to drag the correct answer in the Answer Box. Also, it generates a math question that is primarily built for early learners (grade 1). The question is so simple that the kid doesn’t have to calculate above number 10. However, the operation is limited to addition and subtraction only.

2) How do we make Numbers

On the other hand, is flexible to be used from 1st grade to any age group. Even more, the app generates a math equation where the user has to guess the missing number. Still, depending on the difficulty level, the operation can involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of higher numbers. Also, a question might have two blank pieces to fill.

The app starts with a simple math question and automatically generates difficult questions over progression.

Why play Cool Math Games?

1. Cool math games use left to right sequence for calculation and don’t use DMAS rule for a few reasons. However, we are working to provide it as an additional difficulty level in future versions.

A reset button is provided so the kids can use the app at initial levels.

We look forward to your input to make the app even better. Please consider supporting us by rating the app and writing a small review. It also helps us to produce new and better apps

Download for free!

Available on IOS and Android.

Download Cool Math Kids Education Game Now

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