Consonant Letters – 3 Letter Words CVC App for Kindergarten

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Consonant Letters – 3 Letter Words CVC App for Kindergarten

Not long after the letters in order with phonics learning, the phase of “Spelling with Phonics” seeks early graders. Thus, that is the reason it begins with two-letter words (At, Ot, En). Furthermore, trailed by Spelling Three letter CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) consonant letters for example Bat, Cat, Rat, Pen, and so on.

 CVC learning methods and consonant letters are difficult and here is why?

Customarily, this procedure includes gathering and separating appropriate words and print these words to make cheat sheets. Since these cards should be introduced redundantly for fortification. Hence, the troublesome treatment of printed cards makes it a tedious, study hall just movement. Consequently, in this “CVC Three 3 Letter Word” App, we have looked and separated the greatest appropriate words and ordered them into ONE intelligent learning application.

Why the Consonant Letters CVC words app is the best classroom resource?

Immaculate as a study hall asset. It is similarly useful for guardians to strengthen the idea in their homes. It not just spares printing, makes all the redundant errands robotized, yet additionally gives progress observing which makes it more powerful than printed sheets.

The application is extremely easy to utilize. It begins with one of 14 gave classifications (Collection of AT, OT, ED Words, and so forth), and a fundamental activity is demonstrated how An and T join to shape “At”. Underneath you can locate the conceivable letter blends for drag and match to frame the CVC word. Upon word arrangement, the important picture shows up.

Track your student/kids’ progress with the Consonant Letter CVC words app?

The advancement of every youngster can be handily followed by keeping note of the stars that appeared previously. A 5-star limit is accessible as indicated by the period of children utilizing this application. This guarantees practice and greatness in kids. The stars, be that as it may, can be reset to re-empower the turned gray out words.

The constant act of the considerable number of words in each classification makes the parent/educator sure about presenting the greatest word arrangement.

Clean and enlivened interface, delightful relative pictures, studio-quality voiceover, and a bunch choice of words makes it ideal for a perfect learning application.

Why the Consonant Letters CVC words app?

  •  14 Categories 84 Essential Words
  •  Teacher Proofread Content
  •  High-Quality Images
  • Studio Quality Voiceover
  • Stars for progress tracking
  •  Interactive & Animated
  • Clean & Attractive Interface

CVC words app with Best Phonation!

It is a must-have educational app. There are a total of 14 categories with all essential words to practice for kids.

Apart from teaching basic spelling making techniques, This app also improves vocabulary and promotes phonetic learning. Ideal for classroom or at-home practice to enhance vocabulary!

Minimal disk space! Allows optimum usage!

You can buy the complete app within the app itself.

We at “Holiday Educationist” have a team of trained & certified teachers to proofread the apps’ content for the optimum quality assurance.

*DOWNLOAD* CVC words app NOW!

Available for free on IOS and Android.

Download CVC 3 Letter Words Now

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