are video games bad for kids

Are Video Games Bad For Kids?

As worried as you might be things are not as bleak as they seem to you? The reason this strikes you so much now is that most of the time, we as parents fail to give enough time. Which comes down to my point, the time you ought to have given to your kids. Is now being taken up by these gadgets. The question isn’t ‘are video games bad for kids’. It is ‘are you welcoming enough?’.

However, after this harsh reality check. Let me remind you that. When it comes to your kids. It is never a lost cause. If you give up this soon. They will give up on you when you need them. The worst part is that, with such a mindset. You will have no moral ground to question, why they did so.

Are video games bad for kids?

The answer is yes and no. The only thing bad about video games is the fact that they become addictive. However, you can control and fix this easily. Apart from that, there are no bad side effects. You spend as much screen time as them if not more. Gadgets are the go-to device of this era. I will enlist a plan of action that will help you. It is not about stopping them from playing games right now. The main dilemma should be how to get your kids to spend time with you.

Plan of action

We’ll start with the Don’ts.

Do not approach them in a harsh condescending manner. The community they play with is often more encouraging. You are just pushing your child further away from you.

Do not try to dictate or control them by using the ‘ I bought you this’ card. What happens is, for the short run your child might get mad? Become productive just to gain all these facilities. In the long run, your child is preparing for a one-way ticket away from you.

Do not get physical. Abusing your body strength is never the solution.

Do not threaten. Taking away their sense of security at home is also not the solution to this situation.

Before we start on the main plan, there are some key ingredients you need.



Calm attitude.

A look from your child’s perspective.

Plan your debate. It is not an argument.

How to execute the plan?

For different age groups, there are different games and your child’s way response also depends on their age group. We’ll categorize them for your ease.

2-5 years old.

Instead of snatching try bargaining. Replacing whatever they are using with something productive. Kids at these ages throw tantrums without reasons. Apart from just calming them, you need to help them understand their own growing emotions. Try hooking hem up on learning apps. Not only will it reduce your burden, but also teach them things you should be teaching but in a more interactive, fun and hassle-free manner. Kids these ages hardly play video games. So it is out of question whether video games are bad for them. However, if they do play video games. Your child is actually very smart and cognitively developed. Sit with them. Ask them to play with you, or teach you how it is done.

6- 18 years old.

Just like kids grow, their gaming dynamics change. Kids up till 16 are tricky to handle, much aggressive and rude. The key to handling them is patience. Approach your child when they are not playing a game for starters. Most games are online and CAN NOT BE PAUSED. This is just a new fight in the making, involving a heated exchange of angry remarks. Kindly avoid this situation. Try the following methods.

Join them in their gaming ventures.

Ask what kind of games they play and what are they about?

What makes them the happiest when they play a certain game?

Can adults play it too?

Can you teach me?

I’m really interested. It would be nice if you tell me more about it.

Are there games we can play together?

20< years old

It is past the time you can play with them or they’ll accept. However, if you have a more welcoming attitude, you can discuss how you need their help now. Instead of being condescending, it would be wise if you enable them. Just because gaming did not have any monetary benefits during your time does not mean its the same now. Explore the perspective in which your child can pursue a career in their hobby. If you enable them, only then will they enable you?






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