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Letter Identification Assessment

Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your windows tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Alphabet List Vocabulary for Kids

Is your kid having a hard time learning new words? Then Alphabet List vocabulary for kids is the perfect app for you! Don’t scold your kids for not telling you the words you told them. Kids have a lot going on in their minds. unlike adults, they have not learned the process of memorization. As parents, we need to be more empathetic towards them. That enables the learning process! Scolding and harsh comments put them back. and we don’t want that!

Alphabet List Vocabulary with Pictures!

Every letter in order to have a little and a capital letter. In addition, with the 8 pictures fused alongside it.  (for example Image of an apple, emergency vehicle, and accordion). These expertly taken pictures give an away from the alphabet list that pulls in the children to see everything about the item.

Alphabet List Vocabulary with Sounds!

Touch the letters in order to uncover the right phonation. Alphabet list words and pictures (for example Contacting an apple picture will say ‘Apple’. Expertly recorded studio-quality sounds to keep the application’s quality stand separated from the group).

Alphabet List Vocabulary Song!

The app is available in 5 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. Not just that, every language has a rhythmic alphabet song. Not only that, but this melodious and rhythmic alphabet song also highlights every alphabet letter as it goes. That is why this alphabet song creates interest and keeps the kids involved in learning alphabet letters in sequence.

Alphabet List Vocabulary Words!

The kids’ learning and IQ improve exponentially. Just by looking and listening repeatedly to all the objects that start with a specific alphabet letter. That is why parents and teachers who want to teach basic vocabulary words starting from A, B, C, or any other alphabet letter. Makes this the perfect app for them.

Alphabet List Vocabulary Words with Sound Effects!

We have chosen the maximum objects for each alphabet letter that produces an interesting sound. (e.g. Car, ambulance, gorilla, etc). Hence, these sound effects create an attraction that keeps the kids involved in learning about those words.

The app is packed with many options to change the fonts, turn on / off the background music, and a flashcard mode to display the images at scale.

List of A for words

As an example, the list of words starting from the alphabet letter A is as follows.

Apple, ambulance, accordion, alligator, ant, abacus, airplane, ax.

A to Z Vocabulary for 2 to 3-year kids

The app is carefully crafted to teach A to Z vocabulary for 2-year-old to 3-year-old kids. Furthermore, we ensured that the vocabulary words are easily understandable and interesting enough for 2 to 3-year-old kids.

The app is a complete package that introduces alphabet letters with associated words that have pictures and sounds.

Download on your phone/tablet.

Press on the Apple / Android Button (Just below the app icon button) If you are using iPhone, press the apple button, if you are using an Android phone with Google Play store, press the Android button.

Click on the download button. If you are not currently using your phone or tablet, scan the QR code with the device you want to install on and it will take you to the product page.

Key Features of the alphabet list!

  • 8 Words for Each Letter
  • Amazing sound effects
  • 4 font choices
  • IOS and Android!
  • NO distraction!
  • Multiple Colors
  • Sweet Background music
  • HD Display
  • Swipe! Left! Right!


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