• Alphabet Vocabulary Book. Educational App for Kindergarten Kids.
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Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids

The idea behind this app is to introduce essential objects and their names to kids. They remember the names of objects by looking at them and hear the sound of the object that increases their vocabulary.

Alphabets Vocabulary Book is a beautiful and colorful app for the young children comprising of 26 letters of english alphabets. It enables them to recognize and name the letters and the sounds they make by looking at some interesting objects. An ideal feature for educating early learners is that they should be able to recognize alphabets both in capital and small letters along with related words. To make them more easy more words are included with one alphabets than any other app available.

Alphabets Vocabulary Book is the only best resource available on the store, comprising of upto eight vocabulary words of every letter for kindergarten students. The app is provided with easy navigation and attention grabbing animations. This app is for 1 to 4 year kids.

Here are the main features of the app.

– Four carefully selected Fonts for memorizing alphabets’ shapes
– Upto 8 vocabulary words for every letter *
– Objects Sound Effects
– Available in five different languages.
– Zero distraction of any user interface controls
– Carefully selected colors
– Soft background music option
– High Definition content for retina display
– Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between letters


ABC Song

The app is available in 5 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. Every language has a rhythmic alphabet song. Not only that, but this melodious and rhythmic alphabet song also highlights every alphabet letter as it goes. That is why this alphabet song creates interest and keeps the kids involved in learning alphabet letters in sequence.

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

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