• Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Colorful ABC English Alphabet Flashcards for kids
ABC Phonics Song | Alphabet Flashcard for Kindergarten Kids

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ABC Phonics Song | Alphabet Flashcard for Kindergarten Kids

Kids learn better with music. We all do! A little beat to everything makes it all pleasant. Not only that, but it also puts our minds to ease. Holiday Educationist worked hard on this theory and created this amazing ABC song phonics! It incorporates the musical element into the essential step of phonics learning!

The app not only instills the phonic in your child’s brain but it also helps learn what these alphabets are associated with. English Alphabet is an essential key to learning the English language. Furthermore, the essential phonic training is important to polish to correct pronunciation. Lastly, this is the basic foundation we lay down as a parent in language development for our kids.

ABC Song Phonics from the Start!

ABC song phonics begins assembling letters in order’s shapes in kids’ sub-cognizant personalities at an early age. Thus, it helps in simple reviewing in school. That, yet it additionally is the fittest letter sets flashcard application for use in kindergarten and classes as well!

ABC Song Phonics is the Drill!

ABC flashcard means to rehearse as a learning drill. This helps in retention by the method of dispersed reiteration learning strategy. Besides, it practices the psychological procedure of dynamic review. Subsequently, helps construct focus and psychological aptitudes.

We at Holiday Educationist have a team of certified teachers onboard to consult and proof-read the apps’ content for the optimum quality assurance.

Key Features of ABC Song Phonics App!

  • A huge choice of Font for retaining letters in order’s shapes
  • Zero interruption of any UI controls
  • Carefully chosen colors
  • Capital and little letters
  • Movement alternative for baby’s eye-catching
  • Delicate ambient melodies alternative
  • Shading trade choice for letters
  • In a perfect world biggest conceivable screen
  • 3 Voiceovers for all letters
  • ABC letters in order sheet with 3 ABC Songs
  • Superior quality substance for retina show
  • Swipe left/right motion to explore between letters

Download ABC Song Phonics for free!

Available on IOS and Android ! and Microsoft as well!

Download Colorful ABC Now

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