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123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards

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123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards

123 For Kids is Numbers Flashcards App, containing the ideal amount of undistracted information to help memorize the numbers’ for children of 8 months to 2 years old. The number flashcards app has been designed to cater to the needs of parents to learn numbers for their young ones. The app helps kids to develop the early stages of learning numbers and gain better engagement. 

The 123 flashcards work by building numbers’ in children’s subconscious minds at very early ages. The clear digits help kids to recall the information at the kindergarten level. It makes the ideal educational tool that applies in all kindergarten classes. Colors and animations help your child to boost engagement and learn numbers quickly. Once you use this app, your child will enjoy the accessible features! 

123 for Kids is a learning drill for kids to practice and memorize numbers to build cognitive skills and concentration. It will help your child to remember the numbers and know how to pronounce the numbers correctly. Thanks to the two studio-quality voiceovers where your kids will learn the numbers with accurate pronunciation!

Why Choose Number Flashcards for Kids?

Visual and Audio Information

Capturing attention to visual and audio information will provide your child the accessibility and convenience to learn numerical flashcards without relying on paper-based cards. Once you use this app, you will not have to print out papers and make numbers for effective learning. 

Rather than arranging paper flashcards to form numbers, the app provides an all-in-one tool where you can access the numbers and work them into any digits you like! The easy-to-arrange digits make it a fantastic app for teaching your kids to learn single, double, and three-digital numbers and create numbers easily. It makes it easy to learn from the device. 

The app has a 1 to 100 counting song to keep your child engaged in knowing the sequence of the numbers. It aids in correct pronunciation and number recognition at the early stages of learning. The number sequence allows kids to learn the numbers through flashcards and audio for better development and the right way to say the digits.

The Easy User Interface

The various color choices and swapping functions help children to engage and build confidence in memorizing numbers for the kindergarten level. An easy user interface allows kids to access and learn numbers without fumbling to navigate between numbers. The decent readability makes it an excellent choice for parents and teachers to find a numerical app. You do not need to struggle with zooming the numbers in and out!

Format and Incredible Readability

The clear flashcards format help your children to learn the numbers and aid in building a long-lasting memory. The enormous numbers fit on the device’s screen and make it easy to read and memorize. It helps to access the app and move numbers and change colors quickly. The carefully selected fonts make it easy to read and stand out in the background. Your kid will enjoy the bright colors and bold numbers! The changing color themes help your child to set the color themes without worries. It is safe to use without affecting your child’s vision!

Quick Way to Learn and Memorize Numbers

Quick learning allows children to recall numbers and saves them from unnecessary distractions while using the app. The interactive learning tool makes your child happy. It gives access to learning with convenience. The soft background music option keeps your child interactive and entertained while memorizing numbers at the kindergarten level.

Key Features

  • Carefully selected Font for memorizing numbers 
  • Zero distraction of any user interface controls
  • Carefully selected colors
  • Various color themes
  • Animation option for toddler’s attention-grabbing
  • Soft background music option
  • Color swap option for numbers
  • The largest possible numbers to fit on the devices’ screen
  • 2 Voiceovers for all numbers
  • 1 − 100 counting song
  • High Definition content for retina display
  • Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between numbers


The 123 numbers educational tool is available on iOS and Android and is free. The in-app purchases will unlock other features to your child’s content engagement and keep the learning fun and interactive. The use of the tool requires practicing numbers through the Ads Free version. You can download and buy the learning app to remove adverts and unlock all the functions.

Download 123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards Now

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