Should My Kindergartener be Reading?

Should My Kindergartener be Reading?

As a parent, you might be worried about why your child hasn’t started reading? In desperate attempts, you might have acted aggressively towards your child. While it was your fault. Kindergartners are not meant to have reading skills. In fact, most children develop reading skills way later in grade 1. Most of the time, parents […]

What Age Should a Child Read Fluently?

As parents, we all want the best for our children, and one important aspect of their development is literacy. The ability to read fluently opens doors to knowledge, imagination, and endless possibilities. But when should a child reach this milestone? Research shows that most children develop fluency between the ages of 6 – 7 years […]

What are Vowels and Consonants and How to Pronounce?

Vowels vs Consonants

Vowels and consonants are the most critical aspects of the English language. Demonstrating them is essential for kids to learn the language and explain the sounds of each letter. English is not about learning letters and recognizing capital and lowercase. It is about pronouncing each letter right to enhance phonic skills. By learning phonics, kids […]

How to Encourage Reading Habits in Kids?

Children can begin growing great reading propensities at home even before they figure out how to peruse. Here are 8 tips on How to Encourage Reading Habits in Kids? Make reading a daily habit: From the day your infant comes home, you can begin raising a reader. Infants react to the alleviating notes of a […]