• grocery-expert-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • grocery-expert-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • grocery-expert-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • grocery-expert-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • grocery-expert-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
Grocery Expert for Kids - Learn Numbers & Counting.

Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Grocery Expert for Kids – Learn Numbers & Counting for kids
Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Grocery Expert-Game for Kids

Time4learning is an innovative game-based app! Surprise, this app is in 5 Languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian).

Why time4learning- grocery expert app?

Among many first things we try to teach our children is the counting forward & backward (counting with increment and decrement). Therefore, to achieve this goal, kindergarten & Montessori grade teachers adapt many techniques. Hence, a practice that includes small interactive exercises in the form of games. However, the time4learning grocery expert app uses these exercises indirectly to store information in the children’s sub-conscious mind that helps learn counting with incrementing and decrementing.

Time4learning uses a game-based interface to teach math and its works!

Grocery Expert is a fun activity game for kids that uses one most important and widely used technique. Not only that, but it also requires the kids to pick the right amount of grocery objects (fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc) in the grocery bag.

This amazing technique really improves counting with incrementing and decrementing numbers. Therefore, this technique also promotes children’s evaluation skills. Moreover, the app consists of a variety of objects that promote object recognition also.

  • Children’s finger touch size
  • Drag distance
  • Less user interface clutter
  • Most importantly designing an entertaining user interface.

Why you will love Time4learning Grocery Expert?

This app is tested on the kids aged 3-8 and interestingly the kids started to improve in several areas including counting forward & backward. Not only that, but it also promotes better object recognition & increasing IQ are few ones.

It consists of professional-grade voiceover and few soft background music tracks that can be turned off.

The app also contains multiple levels. The app starts with an easy (very simple scenario) that progresses as the kid succeeds. Hence, users can alternatively choose the desired level.

The app provides a positive and passive learning activity for kids.

If you are looking for one app that serves to Learn numbers and counting for kids. Time4learning, grocery Expert is the best option. Not only that, but you can also download it absolutely free on iOS as an (iPhone and iPad app).

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Counting for kids! *DOWNLOAD FOR FREE*

Available for free in IOS and Android.

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