• maths-worksheets-practice-app-download-free
  • maths-worksheets-practice-app-download-free
  • maths-worksheets-practice-app-download-free
  • maths-worksheets-practice-app-download-free
  • maths-worksheets-practice-app-download-free
Activities on Numbers-Math Love

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Activities on Numbers-Math Love

Why Math Love-Activities on Numbers?

Your house is brimming with chances to investigate math with your kid. Simultaneously, construct their self-assurance and comprehension of numerical thoughts. Moreover, this is an opportunity for you and your kids to “talk math”. Moreover, to impart math while finding connections between numbers. Hence, having the option to depict numerical examples and connections. For example, those among “expansion and deduction” or “odd and even numbers,” is essential to later achievement in math. Such Activities on Numbers helps generate curiosity in children to take on math!

The exercises in this segment are expected to be agreeable and welcoming and use things that can be found in your home. While doing the exercises, remember that comprehension of math and a feeling that math is agreeable will assist youngsters with creating abilities that they will require for the progress their whole lives. Hence, try Activities on Numbers!

Math Love-Activities on Numbers Worksheets  Features

Endless control features ensure easy accessibility for the children and well as you.

  • Level Lock: Specify any level your kid’s practice
  •  Make Carry forward Compulsory or optional
  •  Hint to highlight the mistake.
  • Native and studio-quality motivational voiceovers
  • Available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian).
  • White vs Colourful & Animated background (psychologically involves the kids in the education)
  •  3 Background Music with volume control to control the ambiance in various situations.
  •  Greyscale vs Colourful input buttons
  •  Automatically saves the last used settings.

What makes Math Love-Activities on Numbers app the best?

It is the best math worksheet app available for teachers and parents to teach addition, subtraction, and activities on numbers to the kids. The interface is neat, clean, and very less distracting. In fact, at the time of writing this, it is the ONLY app for maths practice sheets that can be used in the classroom.

The app is primarily targeted for Nursery to 2nd-grade kids and it is a very useful app to be practiced in these (nursery, prep, grade1 & grade2 classes).

The app is highly recommended for the education of two age groups (4 – 6 years & 6 – 8 years aged kids). Optionally the 8-10 years age group kids can also get benefits to fasten their calculation speed. The app testing shows that even senior students tend to challenge themselves using this app.

We at Holiday Educationist have a team of certified teachers onboard to consult and proof-read the apps’ content for the optimum quality assurance.


 Math Love-Activities on Numbers Available on IOS and Android..

Download Math Worksheets Now

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