123 for kids - Numbers Flashcards for Montessori and Kindergarten kids

Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards
Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your mobile / tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Alternatively, Direct Download the App on your windows tablet by scanning the QR Code from the device.

Math Drills-123 song | Numbers Flashcards

Math drills-123 For Kids is a Numbers Flashcards App, containing the ideal amount of undistracted information to help to memorize the numbers’ shapes for children of 8 months to 5 years. Math Drill- 123 For Kids caters to the needs of parents to help memorize the counting numbers to their young ones.

Why Math drills?

Math drill- 123 For Kids instill the shape of numbers and their relevant importance from a young age. It is the most kid-friendly counting flashcard for toddlers and preschoolers. All you have to do is, download it for free in the link given below! Open it and give it to your toddlers. Your toddler will learn on their own!

123 For Kids is aimed to practice as a learning math drills to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition learning technique and exercise the mental process of active recall and to helps to build concentration and cognitive skills.

The importance in light of the fact that these ideas establish the framework for kids. Which helps them build up comprehension. For instance, five is two more than three, and one under six. Kids regularly have some idea of additional; Using such game-based apps helps enhance their knowledge and concept.

Counting 1-100!

The key focal point of balanced counting is building up kids’ capacity to check. Two abilities are required:

  • Capacity to state the standard rundown of including words all together
  • Capacity to coordinate each verbally expressed number with one and only one item

Checking is significant in light of the fact that the importance connected to counting is the key reasonable thought on which all other numbers of ideas are based.

Key Features of Math Drill-123 for kids| Number flashcards app!

  • Carefully selected Font for memorizing numbers’ shapes
  • Zero distraction of any user interface controls
  • Carefully selected colors
  • Various color themes
  • Animation option for toddler’s attention-grabbing
  • Soft background music option
  • Color swap option for letters
  • Ideally largest possible letters to fit on devices’ screen
  • 2 Voiceovers for all numbers
  • 1 − 100 counting song
  • High Definition content for retina display
  • Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between letters

Math drill- 123 for kids | Number Flashcard

Available for free! Download now on IOS and Android.

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