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Learning Numbers Recognition-123 Number Math Learning Games

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Learning Numbers Recognition-123 Number Math Learning Games

Learning numbers is an essential skill and teaching it is an even harder feat to achieve for parents and in general everyone. However, after endless failures, Holiday Educationist came up with this brilliant idea. Since kids love games but hate sitting down with books. Why not change their books into games. It was just a hunch at the start. But our kid’s learning skills skyrocketed. That is the motivational energy behind the creation of Learning Numbers Recognition-123 number Math Learning Games.

 Learning Numbers Recognition Activities!

1) Learning Numbers!

Touch Number is a simple activity that initially displays 3. Furthermore, asks the kids to tap the correct option. Furthermore, 5 correct answers, then level increases, and the kid has to choose from more and bigger numbers.

2) Trap Ladybugs and Learning Numbers for Kids!

The idea behind the activity, reinforce the current number of trapped ladybugs. Thus, the activity starts with 3 ladybugs that are running around. Kids will tap them. Over successful catches, the number of ladybugs increases to a moderate level. The ladybugs also go off-screen, to enhance curiosity and help reinforce count.

3) Tap the Crabs

This activity is absolutely similar to the ladybugs except it presents animated crabs. Therefore, these attention-grabbing animals. Both activities reinforce learning numbers.

4 ) Count the Objects

This activity is a refreshing exercise. Thus, presents a number of different objects, gives four options to choose their total count. Furthermore,  touching the object increases the current number. This small quiz actively teaches the difference, number recognition, and counting.

5) Drag & Match Number

6) Flashcards

Why use Number Recognition Games App by Holiday Educationist.

The game is fairly customizable to suit the need for individual preference. Multiple font options, all of them kid-friendly!

The best educational app that is provided Free with limited functionality for learning.

Available on IOS and Android.

Download Numbers Activity Book Now

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