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Kids Numbers | Numbers Flashcards For Kids!

Download 123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards Now

Kids Numbers | Numbers Flashcards For Kids!

Kids Numbers-123 For Kids is a Numbers Flashcards App, containing the perfect measure of undistracted data to assist with retaining the numbers’ shapes for children of 8 months to 5 years. Moreover, 123 For Kids takes into account the necessities of guardians to help remember the checking numbers to their young ones.

Why Kids Numbers | Numbers Flashcards For Kids!?

Kids Numbers-123 For Kids impart the state of numbers and their significant significance since early on. Moreover, it is the most child-friendly counting flashcard app for little children and preschoolers. You should simply, download it for nothing in the connection given beneath! Open it and offer it to your little children. Your little child will learn all alone!

Kids Numbers-123 For Kids is meant to rehearse as a learning math drills to help remembrance by the method of the separated redundancy learning procedure. Moreover, it exercises the psychological procedure of dynamic review. Hence, assists with building focus and intellectual aptitudes.

The significance considering the way that these thoughts set up the system for kids. Which causes them to develop cognizance. For example, five is two more than three, and one under six. Children normally have some thought of extra; Using such game-based applications helps improve their insight and idea.


The key point of convergence of adjusted tallying is developing children’s ability to check. Thus, two capacities are required:

  • Ability to express the standard overview of including words all together
  • Ability to organize each verbally communicated number with one and only one thing

Perusing and math aptitudes are two of the most significant structural problems that can help kids with proceeded with achievement. Everywhere, be it in school, work, or life. Moreover, the aptitudes kids gain in their most punctual school years, from kindergarten to Grade 6, are known to impact their capacity to move on from secondary school and seek after post-optional education.

Key Features of Numbers Flashcards For Kids!!

  • Painstakingly chose Font for remembering numbers’ shapes
  • Zero interruption of any UI controls
  • Deliberately chose hues
  • Different shading topics
  • Movement alternative for little child’s eye-catching
  • Delicate ambient melodies alternative
  • Shading trade choice for letters
  • Preferably biggest potential letters to fit on gadgets’ screen
  • 2 Voiceovers for all numbers
  • 1 − 100 including tune
  • Superior quality substance for retina show
  • Swipe left/right motion to explore between letters

 Numbers Flashcards For Kids!

Available for free! Download now on IOS and Android.

Download 123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards Now

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