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It’s Math Game Time at Holiday Educationist!

Undermining the value of game within the early years of development and growth of kids could be a mistake most parents often make. Game time is as important for preschoolers as working is for adults. They learn, grow, and become better people from playing. Plus, it’s the final word way for them to be told, reduce stress, and exercise their creativity. To help kids learn all the while playing we are introducing the math game time.

Math is subject kids hate the most, it is because of many reasons we have already discussed. The question is, how to fix it? As a kid, I feared maths as much I feared monsters under the bed. That is why now as an adult I have come up with the perfect solution. As an ardent gamer, I know turning this subject into a game-based interface will get kids excited and learning all the ticks in no time.

Here are the math games we have designed to help your kids with the basics.

Math game time for kids age 6 months- 2 years old.

Here are some sneak-peeks for you.

Math game time for 2-3 years old.

Here are some sneak-peeks for you.

Math game time for 3-6 years old.

Here are some sneak-peeks for you.

Math love

Cool math games

Sorry folks! we love our kids so much that we dedicated all these apps to help them learn and love maths. Most kids get scared of maths and we are trying our best that math becomes every kids’ favorite subject.




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