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Fun ABC Alphabets Recognition Games

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Fun ABC Alphabets Recognition Games

Recognizing the alphabets are essential in early learning, where kids should demonstrate between capital and lowercase letters to have confidence in learning the English letters quickly. 

However, the kids often don’t recognize the small and capital letters because they’d already considered the Alphabet of their capital letters in their surroundings. Hence, the Alphabets Recognition app has made it quick and easy for kids to learn and remember how to distinguish capital and lowercase Alphabet. 

The app has become applicable for all preschool and Montessori levels, where kids can enjoy fun and interactive activities without relying on printed worksheets and paper-based flashcards. The four main exercises will make your child happy and easy to access at their convenience. The preschool level targets 2 to 4 years old. 

The four exercises provide in a one-complete app where these activities are accessible with easy instructions for a fun learning routine. The reward system allows you to check your child’s progress and move on to the next level. The easy-to-understand alphabet recognition makes it a quick learning tool where your child can recognize capital and lowercase instantly.

1) Touch the alphabet

Touch the Alphabet is a simple exercise that displays three letters. All your child has to do is touch the correct letter to the corresponding space. The level becomes more challenging with five reasonable attempts, and the child has to choose from extra notes. This activity begins with easy letter touching and becomes harder once the child succeeds. This exercise aims to allow children to recognize capital and lowercase letters.

2) Drag & Match Letters

As the name suggests, drag and match letters are another easy activity where the exercise provides lowercase and capital letters. All your child must do is pull and match the correct letters provided. It begins with pair of the alphabet by starting with three teams of letters. It becomes more challenging to provide more couples once your child aces to the next level. This exercise motivates kids to learn how to recognize and match big and small letters quickly.

3) Collect the cards

Kindergarten teachers carry out this task by providing paper-based cards to show kids alphabets recognition. This tedious task will hinder your child’s attention and decrease engagement. This activity does the job by saving from paper-based cards and Mother Nature. The exercise provides small and capital letters of the given alphabet in a box. 

All your child has to do is drag the capital and lowercase letter in the box by collecting from a wide selection of cards. After your child progresses, the level becomes problematic. It will help to build confidence in pairing the two pairs of letters.

4) Alphabet Kindergarten Worksheets

This activity is essential for kids to practice letter recognition with these valuable worksheets. Kids must complete the pair of alphabets with one letter provided. It helps to test your child’s knowledge of how much they have learned about the ABC recognition games. The more your child practices worksheets, the number of worksheets increases. It saves from printed worksheets which your child can enjoy working in this exercise.

5) Colorful Flashcards

The Colorful Flashcards are not a game but provide the 26 letters of the English Alphabet. It helps kids to memorize the uppercase and lowercase letters. The standout and colorful sequence allows your child to use alphabets recognition and makes it easy to read.

Why Fun ABC Alphabets Recognition Games?

Fun ABC games are great and vital to learn about visualizing lowercase and capital letters. These activities will help your child achieve letter recognition later in education. Simple exercises and top-notch features make a helpful app to teach your child about ABC recognition. 

These reasons make an accessible app where you can teach your kids about virtual letter recognition activities.

  • Completely customizable functions where you can change settings at your convenience 
  • Similar, random, or greyscale shades for the alphabet for ease of readability 
  • Four different fonts 
  • Colorful and white background options.
  • Soft background music 
  • Studio quality voiceover 
  • Easy navigation 
  • Undistracted user interface 
  • Auto progressive levels 
  • Creative and Attractive Content 
  • Three different melodies options

Available on Android and iOS

ABC fun games are available on iOS and Android, where you can download the app for free with in-app purchases. However, to unlock the full features, you must pay the app to enjoy unlimited functions for your child.

Download Alphabets Recognition Activity Book Now

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