• 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
  • 1 to 100 in words
Flashcards for Kids-123 song | Numbers Flashcards

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Flashcards for Kids-123 song | Numbers Flashcards

Flashcards for Kids-123 For Kids is a number flashcard app for children from age 8 months up to 5 years old. Flashcards for Kids- 123 For Kids is specially designed to encourage learning o numerals from a young age. Why do we think that? when taught from the start. These numbers and their relative values are embedded in the subconscious of a child and they do not struggle in mathematics.

Why 1 to 100 Counting?

Flashcards for Kids-123 For Kids depicts the right amount of knowledge. To ensure the focus of a child, we work hard on maintaining the right amount of information for kids to understand and absorb!

Flashcards for Kids-123 For Kids can be used as regarding material as well, by parents and teachers alike. The app primarily targets revision of information that the kid already knows or may have it in their sub-conscious.

The significance considering the way that these thoughts build up the system for kids. Therefore, causes them to develop an appreciation. For example, five is two more than three, and one under six. However, children routinely have some thought of extra; Using such game-based applications helps improve their insight and idea.

Counting 1-100!

The key focal point of balanced counting is building up kids’ capacity to check. Two abilities are required:

  • Capacity to state the standard rundown of including words all together
  • Capacity to coordinate each verbally expressed number with one and only one item.

Math is significant and it’s imperative to enable small kids to build up their scientific reasoning. Moreover, a kid’s math information toward the beginning of kindergarten predicts later scholarly accomplishment superior to early perusing or consideration abilities.

Math is a piece of kids’ regular daily existences. Hence, exploiting every one of these math minutes creates math learning.

Math is estimating, arranging, building, seeing themes, making examinations, and depicting nature. Therefore, it is just as checking and knowing the names of shapes. There are numerous approaches to consolidate maths learning into regular minutes.

Discussing math is additionally significant and all of the math talks make a difference. Furthermore, exploration shows a little increment in math talk. For example, getting some information about what number of items there will be in the event that we include one or remove one, brings large outcomes.

It’s critical to accept your kid can show signs of improvement at math and create numerical aptitudes. Moreover,  development attitude, the conviction that we can continue learning and showing signs of improvement at math, is significant in supporting kids to become mathematicians.

Key Features Flashcards for Kids| Number flashcards app!

  • Choose your desired font
  • Absolute distraction-free
  • A large palate of color
  • Animation to ensure focus
  • Subtle background music
  • Swapping option
  • Perfect fit for the screen
  • 2 Voiceovers for all numbers
  • 1 − 100 counting
  • Hd display
  • left and a right swipe

Flashcards for Kids- 123 for kids | Number Flashcard

Available for free! Download now on IOS and Android.

Download 123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards Now

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