Easy spelling words for kids

Easy Spelling Words for Kids

Let’s make spelling easy for kids!

Children are quick learners and if we put a tiny amount of effort, they can show us remarkable results only if we are steadfast. Being a parent automatically demands a lot of patience. Holiday Educationist has compiled easy spelling words for kids and tricks on how to make them learn the concept of spellings in the English language.


1. Show them how every alphabet is associated with a word

2. Test their alphabet recogniton capability

3. It’s time for games that help with easy word formation and vocabulary building games.


A. Teach your child ABC with flashcards and phonetics

It is extremely important for parents to teach their child the alphabet as soon as they start recognizing sounds and use it to signal their issues. According to a study, a child starts learning from day 1! We have designed some amazing flashcard apps with phonetics to help your child have a good command of pronunciation.

B. Every word has a storyEasy spelling for kids

Help your child learn the meaning behind words, Give them words to match with pictures. Ask them spellings of simple daily life objects. Do not exercise any sort of strictness or anger on your child when it comes to learning because every child has their own pace. Every child eventually catches up if parents have the ability and patience to teach their child.

C. The daily list

Make a 5 letter list for words in a different category, Start off by asking spellings of items on the breakfast table. As the day goes on, ask your child words step by step and reward them for being inquisitive and excited.

D. The matching game

Use flashcards and ask your child to rearrange the words and make new words. The CVC learning app has listed easy spelling words, starting from 3 worded letter and moving on with increasing difficulty.

E. Reward your childSpelling for kids

It goes without saying that rewarding motivates your child to go for better. Children are inherent with a growth-mindset and they don’t have the understanding of the concept of giving up.

F. Take it slow

Remember to take it slow with your kid, The reason Holiday educationist assembled an easy spelling words game is that we have studied thoroughly and reached the conclusion that children have a thirst for puzzles and if they are introduced to the concept of embarrassments and shame towards mistake in the academic field, it generates effects that distort their personality.


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